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June 28, 2011

San Francisco Street Sheets; What the Hell Are They? Who, What, and Why gets Answered

by Accidental Bear

While tramping around the streets of San Francisco, whether in the Castro, Downtown, Civic Center, The Haight and all other neighborhoods, it is most likely at the most awkward of times, you have been approached by what looks like a possible homeless person asking/shouting, “Street Sheet. Spare Money or whatever you can. Street Sheet.” Like a well weathered street-walker, I am numb to these distractions and pounce past the, “Street Sheets” calls with little of no acknowledgment.

The STREET SHEET is a publication of the Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco. The Coalition on Homelessness was formed in 1987 to foster the active participation of homeless and low-income San Francisco residents and front-line staff in the struggle for economic and social justice. Through an integrated approach that combines outreach, peer support, leadership development, public education, advocacy, and community organizing, the COH works to defend homeless and low-income people from attacks on their rights and their persons, while advocating for permanent solutions to homelessness that take into account not only poverty’s devastating effects, but also its root causes.

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January 25, 2011

1 Homeless, 2 Homeless, 3…. Need a Do good Thing to Do?

by Accidental Bear

You don’t have to talk with or give SPONGE BATHS to the homeless ,but you are needed to count. Unfortunately our homeless problem is out of control. You will need to count real high (more than hands , feet, and body appendages).

City Still Seeking Volunteers to Count the Homeless

berkeley-homeless.jpgThe city’s annual Homeless Count is coming up this week but CBS5 reports today that the project is still short about 150 volunteers. Last year’s census of our city’s vibrant, address-free population counted about 6,500 homeless folks. The population count determines how much money the city will receive from the federal government to help these folks out and the Local Homeless Coordinating Board is looking for Enumerators, Team Leaders, Dispatch Center Volunteers and Data Entry Volunteers. Some of you already make it a personal hobby to note anyone sitting/lying along your route to work, so you’re already qualified. has the volunteer details.

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