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June 7, 2011

Andrew Johnson, Gay Prison Guard, Barred From Wearing Uniform in WeHo Pride Parade by Homophobic Dept. of Corrections

by Accidental Bear

I have often wondered while at a gay pride, street fair or parade in SF if there are any regulations about wearing official uniforms while off duty as costumes. I mean, (coughs) I have been around the block a few times and have been felt up, flogged and had my boots shined by men in uniform. Basically anything you can think of on this side of legal. It was all for fun and games, I never asked for identification for legitimacy of costume. Good luck regulating this one California Department of Corrections. You have obviously never been to a gay pride parade and see the way you are emulated. ~AB



​We at the Weekly usually beef with the California Department of Corrections on more budget-related issues like the rich, powerful prison-guard union’s ability to twist the state Legislature to its will and preserve bloated benefit packages in a time of fiscal crisis.

 But on a more basic human-rights note, prison guard Andrew Johnson reveals today that the department has a raging case of homophobia, to boot. Johnson claims he was denied permission to march in this Sunday’s West Hollywood gay pride parade (so stoked) while wearing his really quite fabulous CDCR uniform.

Gloria Allred to the rescue!


February 7, 2011

LGBT Egyptians, Another level of Despair

by Accidental Bear

When we aren’t to busy thinking that America is the center of the Universe and how Fab ( Rupaul, shaking finger) we are here in the privileged USA, we realize damn, we have it good in retrospect! I think that if “we” even knew half the struggle our gay brothers and sisters around the world go through, our community would be much more untied and not such bitches.

What Protests Mean for LGBT Egyptians

By Editors


Michelangelo Signorile talks with activist and scholar Rasha Moumneh about the protests in Egypt and what they mean for LGBT rights throughout the country.

Moumneh, a researcher with Human Rights Watch who focuses on LGBT and women’s rights, says that while there have been crackdowns in Egypt — most notably in 2001, when 52 men were arrested on board a floating gay nightclub called the Queen Boat — Egypt’s laws against homosexuality are vague.

“Egypt does not have an antisodomy law,” she says. “What they do have is a sort of generalized debauchery law. The problem with that law is that the interpretation is less to individual judges — it’s an extremely elastic law. So you have all sorts of quote-unquote moral crimes being prosecuted under that law.”

She says in Egypt, she doesn’t think there’s a concerted effort to target gay people — what happens to LGBT people in Egypt is indicative of what’s happening all over the region.

“These crackdowns usually happen … when the government wants to flex its moral muscle. When they want to show they’re still in control, that they’re still the savior of Egyptian society.”

She says it’s very difficult to tell how these protests will affect LGBT rights in the country moving forward. She said there is a growing attitude among young people to “open up more space toward personal freedoms.”

Listen here.

January 11, 2011

Human Rights Watch Scorches Iran Over Anti-Gay Violence

by Accidental Bear

Someone needs to sit down with Iran and explain the meaning of “consensual”.


The Islamic Republic of Iran’s vicious campaign to eradicate homosexuality and render its homosexuals invisible has received a major blow with a new report from the world’s most prestigious human rights organization, Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The 104-page report, entitled “‘We Are a Buried Generation’: Discrimination and Violence against Sexual Minorities in Iran,” was issued December 15 by HRW, which has its headquarters in New York and operates on an annual budget of some $45 million with a staff of 275 working in 40 countries.

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