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June 7, 2011

X-Men Born This Way (Acoustic Parody)

by Accidental Bear

Doesn’t matter if you love men or X-M-E-N!

We saw X-men First Class over the weekend and it inspired us to write this song in parody of Born This Way by Lady Gaga. It’s rough at the moment but if it gets a good response we’ll try to make a full version of the song

February 13, 2011


by Accidental Bear

I am here to be a myth buster! There is indeed an entire webside dedicated to the love and appreciation on hairy backs. Well, if they turn you on or they’re your fetish , or perhaps you just need a fuzzy place to lay your head, I found the place for you

“Confessions of a Hairy Backed Man”

‘Fur Back’ T-Shirts Just in Time for Spring

Are you a furback and proud of it? Why not advertise your hyper-hirsute status with one of these great new T-shirts? The actual text of the shirt reads “Fur is Back” but the “is” is cleverly minimized so that the shirt reads “FUR BACK” from a distance — thumbs up for putting the words on the back of the shirt, too.

Comes in a wide rainbow of colors and in all sizes, can be ordered online

Of course, if you really want to broadcast that you’re a furback, you take your T-shirt off, but this is the next best thing if you’re cold or shy.

(Personally, I kind of love the term “furback” — in fact, it might be my favorite term for my people.) Posted by HairyBackedMan



January 31, 2011

Comrade Colby Keller Can (video)

by Accidental Bear

Colby,… Yoooou do Soooomething to me, somthing Noooooooo one else can do….. Do   wahhh wahhhh….Most porn stars are porn stars first that may have a drop of talent on the side.  Colby is opposite from what I can see. He’s hilarious, smart , witty and a side of of porn star ( and by side I mean, top and bottom and all around RAD at doing “it” in front of the camera). He seems to always be pulling new tricks out of a hat. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do  next. My prediction, Colby will be on the big screen ( no, not in a porn theater, I mean HOLLYWOOD) within 2 yrs.

who controls the means?

VIA Big Shoe Diaries

Accompanied by “Friend of Colby” and “Friend of the Oppressed Working People of the World” Comrade Karl Marxxx, Comrade Colby Keller inspires class consciousness with a song composed at the Lovegrove Alley Artists’ Collective in the Democratic People’s Republic of Baltimore.

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