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March 29, 2011

Hunx & His Punx, Featuring Former Gravy Train Member Seth Bogart

by Accidental Bear

A feel good, gay, Ramones vibe. A must have for bopping around the city and long train rides. Thank you and you’re welcome!

Considering that this project was originally conceived with a Svengali–like desire to assemble a teenage girl bandToo Young To Be In Lovethe first proper full-length by Hunx & His Punx, featuring former Gravy Train!!!! member Seth Bogart — finds a gritty lo-fi aesthetic surprisingly elevated by its reverence for Phil Spector and the American vocal group. Bogart’s self-admitted strategy of singing tales of female teenage heartbreak through a gay man’s lens renders a real sweetness to these songs that resists irony; the unfeigned sentiment of songs like “If You’re Not Here” and “Lovers Lane” nearly transcend the trope-cum-campiness of it all.

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