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March 22, 2011

A Christian publisher says she had to cancel the launch of a book which claims Jesus can cure homosexuality

by Accidental Bear

How am I going to get fixed now? I have barely stepped foot in a Church except for that one wedding and on acid in high school for a photo shoot. That’s all that it took for me to know that the church is nothing more than ornate stained glass and beautiful wooden benches. Oh, and quiet, wonderful peace and quiet. When it come to bible pushers I want to raise some hell though. The writer of this book talks of  a “dramatic” religious experience had by one half of a gay couple. Religious experience? No, sorry sweetie that called a nervous breakdown for not being accepted by those in which you have faith. Can I get an AMEN!



Christian publisher forced to cancel launch of ‘gay cure’ book

Christian publisher says she had to cancel the launch of a book which claims Jesus can cure homosexuality because of a planned protest by gay rights activists.

Eileen Mohr, who owns Crossbridge Books, said that a hotel in Worcester refused to host the launch after learning of the demonstration.

Where is your brother?’, by Canadian author Marion Heath, is being published in the UK and tells the story of a gay couple who split up when one has a “dramatic” religious experience.


March 3, 2011

O’Reilly Cheerleads Against the Westboro Baptist Church

by Accidental Bear

For once O’Reilly and I are on the same side. How do you say,  “SHUT THE F**K UP BITCH nicely? ” O’Reilly does his best. But I wish he had ended with a bitch slap!



O’Reilly Slams Westboro Baptist Church

By Editors


Bill O’Reilly and Fox News anchor and attorney Megyn Kelly get into it on the air over the Westboro Baptist Church verdict, with O’Reilly calling them “vile idiots who are happy our soldiers are coming home dead.”

Kelly supports the SCOTUS verdict, saying she doesn’t like what Westboro stands for, but she does like the First Amendment.

Watch their argument here

February 21, 2011

Tennessee Middle School Bans Memoir About HIV/AIDS

by Accidental Bear

beep beep beep IGNORANCE ALERT


School Bans Memoir About HIV/AIDS


Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir is a pretty celebrated work in the history of books about the HIV/AIDS crisis. Written by Paul Monette, the book chronicles the life of Monette and his partner, Roger Horwitz, who died of AIDS in 1986. Praised at its release as personalizing “the epidemic’s appalling statistics with heartbreaking clarity,” the book was even a finalist for the 1988 National Book Critics Circle Award.

But if you’re a student at Cheatham Middle School in Tennessee and you want to read the book, you might be tough out of luck. That’s because Borrowed Timehas been removed from the school’s library system, after a parent complained about the book’s subject matter. It’s currently locked in a filing cabinet in the “school’s vault” (according to this news report from, and will eventually be removed from the school entirely.

What a message that sends: that books about the history of HIV/AIDS are vulgar and inappropriate for middle school students.


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