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July 16, 2011

Accidental Bear’s “It Gets Better… Mmmm Cupcakes” Video

by Accidental Bear

Accidental Bear’s owner Mike Enders joins the It Gets Better troops and talks about the many different types of gays you can be. He expresses the celebration of Bears love for men who are fuzzy, husky and tattooed and their appreciation for CUPCAKES!!!

June 29, 2011

Handpicked News: The Senate: ‘It Gets Better’, Dustin Lance Black, Obama Talks Marriage, Bullied With A Noose

by Accidental Bear

 Flesh-Eating Cocaine Hits New York, Los Angeles It seems cocaine has been behind a rash of flesh-eating disease outbreaks in Los Angeles and New York.Cocaine cut with the veterinary drug, levamisole has apparently been linked to a number of cases of rotting flesh, according to Good Morning America. While the cases reported thus far have been on the coasts, officials have warned that it could very well be a nationwide problem. From GMA:

A video for LGBT youth around the country and the It Gets Better Project, featuring U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Chris Coons (D-Del.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Al Franken (D-Minn.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Mark Udall (D-Colo.), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.).

Small But Significant Cuban Pride March   NASCAR Crewman Fired Over Antigay Tweet

Dustin Lance Black Takes On Obama’s Marriage Position Can President Obama have it both ways on the marriage issue? Can he rally support and dollars from the LGBT community yet assert that marriage rights are an issue for the states to decide? As the president hosts a National Pride Month reception Wednesday at the White House, a growing number of activists and pundits say no — including Academy Award-winning Milkscreenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

Obama Talks Marriage at WH News Conference President Barack Obama did not directly address a question during Wednesday’s news conference on whether marriage is a civil right, referring instead to his track record on LGBT issues and his support for states to decide the issue. “Let me start by saying this administration under my direction has consistently said we cannot discriminate as a country on the basis of sexual orientation,” Obama said in answer to a question from Chuck Todd of NBC News. “And we have done more in the two and half years that I’ve been here than the previous 43 presidents to uphold that principle.”

 Black Student Says He Was Bullied With A Noose, Chained SANTA MONICA, Calif. — A black student claiming he was racially bullied at a Southern California high school says his wrestling teammates tied a noose around a wrestling dummy, chained him to his locker and made racist comments.The Santa Monica High School students have been suspended. The number of students involved hasn’t been disclosed. Police are investigating. Sgt. Richard Lewis says the students could face assault and hate-crime charges.Investigators say the incident occurred more than a month ago but the student and his mother didn’t report it to police until June 21.

June 20, 2011

The Cubs have joined the “It Gets Better Project” and “The Trevor Project” to inspire hope for young people who may be struggling| Video

by Accidental Bear

“The Chicago Cubs organization celebrates you for exactly who you are, gay or straight,” says Quade. Ricketts, who is a lesbian, says, “We know it can get really tough. I’ve been there.”

The video ends by encouraging struggling youths to go to the It Gets Better website or call the Trevor Project’s suicide prevention hotline.

The San Francisco Giants were the first MLB team to make an It Gets Better video. TheBoston Red Sox and Seattle Mariners have videos in the works for the campaign, started last year by journalist-activist Dan Savage and his partner, Terry Miller. (via



June 9, 2011

Update: Old Navy Gets Backlash for Gay T-Shirts

by Accidental Bear

I keep updating you on the Old Navy gay t-shirt debacle because I find it fascination how a good deed can turn ugly so fast. Homophobes wait in the shadows to pounce as soon as their precious heterosexual existence is threatened; gross. AB


By Editors

Shirts will be on sale through the end of June.

Right-wing activists who are used to seeing an American flag across the front of Old Navy t-shirts are calling for a boycott of the clothing chain for its new prints featuring rainbow flags.

Old Navy is celebrating gay pride by donating 10 percent of proceeds from the new shirts to the It Gets Better Project, which helps to combat teen suicide. And for that, the American Family Association says the store should be “ashamed.”

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June 9, 2011

Eugene and Jonnie: Support Great Charities, Buy Great T-shirts; I AM A MAN / WOMAN WHO LOVES…

by Accidental Bear

Support Great Charities

For every I AM A MAN / WOMAN T-shirt sold in the month of June we will donate $5 between the It Gets Better Project in support of anti-bullying and Minnesotans United for All Families in support of marriage equality.

Customer Expectations.

The prelaunch offering of our I AM A MAN / WOMAN T-shirts will run through the end of June at which time we will send the final numbers to the screen printer. Once printed, the T-shirts will be packaged and shipped with lots of love via USPS.

Full website launch June 25th!

Directly following the pre-launch, we will be bringing you Eugene & Jonnie – offering designs every two weeks.

Eugene & Jonnie
18 N 4th Street
Suite 711
Minneapolis, MN 55401-1977

(877) 852-4777 


June 8, 2011

Christians Now Hate Old Navy: But What Will they Wear?

by Accidental Bear

Gary Cass of says Old Navy is promoting a lifestyle that is in “complete rebellion against God.”

“Rather just focusing on giving good products to their customers, they want to use their products now to advocate for a very controversial topic, much less a very immoral and very deadly topic,” notes Cass.

The T-shirt designs include a white shirt with “Love Proudly” written in the colors of the rainbow, and a black shirt with rainbow-colored stripes. Cass tells OneNewsNow that an economic dent in the company’s profits may be the only way to change things.

“Unfortunately we have to do the hard work of communicating our outrage, our frustration — and then following that up with some kind of practical expression such as taking your business elsewhere,” he suggests.

According to reports, the T-shirts will be available at 27 Old Navy stores until the end of June or until supplies run out. Facebook followers of Old Navy’s “Love Proudly” campaign are criticizing the retailer for not distributing the shirts through all of its outlets and only making a few dozen available at the select locations.

What’s your greatest concern for society when you see businesses

openly support and encourage perversity?

Vote in our poll

June 1, 2011

SF Giants Step Up to the Plate and Release their ‘It Gets Better’ Video

by Accidental Bear

I feel like a proud papa. With all the racial and hateful slurs being thrown around these days within the sports arena, it’s nice to be able to take a deep breath and take in some positive energy from an unlikely source. The Giants have joined the “It Gets Better Project” to inspire hope for young people who may be struggling. They are become the first professional sports organization to show their support for the campaign and take a stand against bullying.

May 4, 2011

Google Chrome: It Gets Better

by Accidental Bear

Google Chrome has created a series of videos to show how real people like you are using the web to accomplish amazing things — big, small, fun and serious. This one is going to help spread the It Gets Better message–your message–to millions of people.  Take a moment, enjoy, and spread the word about this video and our Project — your Project

Beginning with one inspiring video, Dan Savage used the web to create the It Gets Better project–a movement that has generated thousands of uplifting videos that give hope to teens.

Is Dan Savage eligible for the Nobel Peace prize?

March 24, 2011

” It Gets Better” Book Launch NYC; And the Fans Go Wild

by Accidental Bear

This is one of the many books I will be pushing in the near future. I fee old-school buying books. This digital world in which we live leaves me somewhat empty. I want to be able to hold the weight of a book in my hands, smell the fresh pressed paper. I want to be able to use it as a dinner tray at times. So, I say it can’t get any better than buying the real physical copy of whatever treasure you about about to unleash in those pages.



Towleroad reader AJ Staube sent us the above photo of Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller at the It Gets Better book launch last night at Barnes & Noble in NYC, six months after the project’s launch online. Congrats to Dan and Terry for making it such a success.

You can pick up the book online here. All proceeds from the book will be donated to LGBT youth charities.
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