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August 22, 2011

Heller’s Cafe Autumn/Winter 2011 Outerwear: Hella Cute

by Accidental Bear

Sorry to go all Northern California on you, but this jacket, beyond being sturdy and warm is ‘hella cute.’

Heller's Cafe Autumn/Winter 2011 Outerwear




“Particularly strong on  outer wear these Jackets for AW are reproductions of the highest quality as you’d expect. Shawl collars, denim chore jackets, varsity patches – lots of nice touches in terms of details, contact the guys direct for more info.”  via Selectism 

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August 17, 2011

Video | Paul Smith Men’s Collection Autumn/Winter 2011

by Accidental Bear

“A video presenting Paul Smith’s awesome winter styles, like the silver down jackets, raw edge shirts and zip lapel jackets. An AW11 collection inspired by the individual style and work of legendary avant-garde musicians such as Frank Zappa, with a focus on tailoring and strong, extreme variations on the shirts, knits and outerwear.” Via Por Vocacao.

[vimeo 27201991 w=400 h=225]




August 9, 2011

Dressing Taller: 10 Tips for Short Men brought to you by The Art of Manliness Website

by Accidental Bear

Via : Good work men.

10 Tips on Dressing Taller

FYI – I put these ten tips in orders of practicality and cost.  I realize some of these are beyond some men’s resources or not options worth considering–but I lay them out there so that you can make that decision yourself.

1. Monochromatic Color Themes

Along the same lines as minimizing visual clutter, removing contrasting color from your appearance helps streamline the way you look. Keeping all your clothes within a fairly consistent color theme, especially a dark one, will create an illusion of height. Different color shades are fine–just try to keep it loosely monochrome.

When you do wear different colors or different shades of the same color, try to weight the darker colors toward the bottom half of your body. That way people’s attention starts down near your feet and travels upward. Dark trousers with a lighter shirt create a lengthening effect; a darker shirt with lighter pants shortens your appearance.

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April 18, 2011

Fancy Camo; Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Quilted Jacket

by Accidental Bear

Americans picking up a trend that is on its last leg in the UK. It’s ok USA, we know we are not the sharpest tool in the shed.


Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Quilted Jacket

Selectism - bedwin-heartbreakers-quilted-jacket-01

Here’s a quilted jacket the Wu would approve of. The quilted jacket is nearing the end of it’s trend lifespan (in the UK at least, it’s just about starting in the US) which means designers are going a bit crazy with the patterns. While there’s obviously a lot that can go wrong with this turn, there’s a lot that can work as well. Like this Bedwin jacket for instance. We can dig it. Can you? (Garbstore)

Selectism - bedwin-heartbreakers-quilted-jacket-02

Selectism - bedwin-heartbreakers-quilted-jacket-03

March 21, 2011

Hunters influence Mens Fashion

by Accidental Bear

A secret gap in the rear, makes me think of other things besides fashion. I am liking the use of hunting as an inspiration and that bright neon orange was left out is refreshing. What would I do with the vent flap in the back. Maybe I’ll get a gang of Chihuahuas and them roam back there.


via Selectism

Highland ‘Shotgunner’ Jacket

Selectism - highland-shotgunner-jacket-01

Using hunting as inspiration for jackets is nothing new, but we still like it when it’s done nicely. Other things we like: curved pockets (straight ones are a little hard for things like putting your hands in them) and the back vent, which makes it a solid choice for a spring jacket. Also, who’s the guy in the picture? He should start a blog or something. (Opening Ceremony)


Selectism - highland-shotgunner-jacket-02
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February 23, 2011

Things I Want, Please & Thank You; Unionmade SF CA

by Accidental Bear

I will  be glad to accept this gift from you!

Woolrich Woolen Mills “Trail Parka”

Woolrich Woolen Mills "Trail Parka"

Daiki Suzuki’s final collection for Woolrich Woolen Mills celebrates “a bygone era in outdoor clothing when simplicity reigned king.” Many of his inspirations lie in the fashions and styles of outdoor brands from the 1950s-1980s. The jacket is made in the U.S.A. from a cotton/poly mix. The jacket offers: inner faced pocket flaps in cotton twill with button look closure, cotton pull cords, covered button center front placket and a game pocket on the back panel. The standard visor hood is always a plus on vintage styled jackets. It’s available at Unionmade.

I’ll make it easy for you to buy this for me ( wink) . Did I mention green looks great with my eyes!

493 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Monday through Friday 12-7
Saturday 11-7
Sunday 12-6

PHONE: 415-861-3373

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