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August 5, 2011

Alexander Olch Handkerchiefs: Not for Me, but Maybe You

by Accidental Bear

An item I feel like I may never need in this life time. but we have all learned to never say never. They could be cute coaster if not used at handkerchiefs, no?

Alexander Olch Handkerchiefs

Japan’s Clstr shines some light on Alexander Olch’s collection of handkerchiefs. Available in multiple flavors, the handkerchiefs features a nice finished edges on plaids and patterns.

alexanderolch handkerchiefs 2 150x150 Alexander Olch Handkerchiefs alexanderolch handkerchiefs 3 150x150 Alexander Olch Handkerchiefs

July 30, 2011

Viberg for Iron Heart Scout Boot: Look Rugged but be as Soft as a Bunny

by Accidental Bear

You know the type of guy that carries around his skate board but never actually rides it? These rugged boots are motorcycles specialties, but you never have to touch a motorcycle to pull off the rugged look. I suggest you get a helmet and carry it around as an accessory to theses boots. I will never tell. Canada’s Viberg works a special edition boot for Japan’s Iron Heart company. This Scout boot comes wrapped with a 21oz and a buffalo leather wrapped vamp. Available now from the Ironheart UK online shop.

Viberg for Iron Heart Scout Boot


July 12, 2011

BEWARE: Scientists Find First Superbug Strain of Gonorrhea

by Accidental Bear

Be warned. Your cabinet full of antibiotics that you take as vitamins to clear you up from your weekends of sodomy may have met their match, Super Gonorrhea! It’s time to use your big head. I’m not asking you to stop sticking your pee-wee through perfectly crafted glory holes and stop going to truck stops on your lunch break, but you may have to pay some heavy consequences. Reading is hard, I know, but please take the time and educate yourself to this alarming news, all sex jokes aside. AB

(Reuters) – Scientists have found a “superbug” strain of gonorrhea in Japan that is resistant to all recommended antibiotics and say it could transform a once easily treatable infection into a global public health threat.

The new strain of the sexually transmitted disease — called H041 — cannot be killed by any currently recommended treatments for gonorrhea, leaving doctors with no other option than to try medicines so far untested against the disease.

Magnus Unemo of the Swedish Reference Laboratory for Pathogenic Neisseria, who discovered the strain with colleagues from Japan in samples from Kyoto, described it as both “alarming” and “predictable.”

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July 12, 2011

Tenue de Nîmes Indigo-dyed Chuck Taylor All Star

by Accidental Bear

Tenue de Nîmes Indigo-dyed Chuck Taylor All Star

Tenue de Nîmes is launching a collection of special, hand-dyed, natural indigo, customized Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes. They’re bangers indeed. Released during Amsterdam Fashion Week, the custom indigo colored Chuck Taylor All Star shoes will be issue in a run of 50 pairs.

“Tenue de Nîmes asked the legendary denim experts, the Manabe family from Okoyama in Japan, owners of the Momotaro brand and Rampuya dyeing factory” to produce the run. The results are outstanding. They deliver and drop on July 15. (selectism)


May 9, 2011

Tokyo’s Cat Cafes: Patrons Pay To Sip Tea And Stroke Resident Cats

by Accidental Bear

This might threaten to take the cat lady out of her house, cat cafes, who knew? Their origin is in Japan, which makes perfect sense with the popularity of Hello kitty there. No, cats are not on the menu at cat cafes, but they inhabit these cafes. “In an increasingly childless and aging nation, cat cafes fill a void. The more fortunate Japanese are the middle-aged couples who cradle Dachshunds like grandchildren at car dealerships and the young women who hand feed their Maltese puppies on park benches. For those who live with long work hours, no-pet apartments and work-related travel, there are cat cafes.” -AB



TOKYO — I followed the instructions of the watchful cashier and took off my shoes, sanitized my hands, placed my bag in a locker and dangled an ID card (“customer #18”) from a lanyard around my neck. The cashier then gave me a once over and a shallow bow, and I padded quietly into the sitting room of the cafe.

“She’s the prettiest girl we have at our cafe. Everybody wants to touch her, but we ask that customers only do so if she doesn’t resist you,” a waitress told me.

She didn’t resist. And since I was paying for the privilege, I leaned in and stroked her cheek. She was as lovely as the waitress had promised: a big-eyed, silky soft, compliant 2-year-old Russian Blue cat.

I was at Calico, one of Tokyo’s increasingly popular cat cafes, where customers seeking human and feline companionship pay to sip tea and stroke one of the 20-odd resident cats, representing 17 different breeds. READ MORE

April 2, 2011

Reichen Lehmkuhl, Hush Little Sleep Face, Don’t Talk

by Accidental Bear
Reichen Lehmkuhl

Image via Wikipedia

Reichen, Shut the fuck up and just be pretty to look at. That strategy will take you further than filming yourself cracked out, sleep eyed, in bed praying to something that doesn’t exist, god.

This Is An 8-Minute Video Of Reichen Lehmkuhl Saying His Catholic Prayers Before Bed

via Queerty

“This gonna be the first time in the history of my life that I’m going to say goodnight … to anyone who’s watching.” Call up the Guinness folks stat, because that sounds like a record! And so begins an eight-minute video, recorded last night, of A-List: New York star Reichen Lehmkuhl showing off his nighttime routine, which includes saying his prayers (also a first! on video!) In addition to the people suffering in Japan, Reichen hopes god blesses all the contestants on American Idol, his own show, and his handlers. So: priorities. Now doesn’t it feel like you’re Rodiney, laying right next to him in bed?

Watch video here:

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March 28, 2011

Japanese Sneaker Magazine Shoes Master

by Accidental Bear

The Japanese are insane, insanely creative. Whenever my eyes gaze at something that seems unimaginable or impossible, when I take a closer peek, the items reveal to be Japanese Made. It makes me wants to take a god awful lace white wedding dress , shop it off into a mini dress, bound myself with ropes and paint my face with clown music, and where my tallest platform boots with hello kitty shoes laces in honor of the super minds of Japan.


Shoes Master Volume 15


End of the month the latest issue of Japanese sneaker magazine Shoes Master will drop. Volume 15 features the adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear sneakers on the cover and will for sure preview lots of other interesting styles to come out this season. The issue drops in Japan on March 30th.

Shoes Master Volume 15
Shoes Master Volume 15


March 27, 2011

Team Thrasher Raise Money for the Japanese Relief Effort.

by Accidental Bear

Totally Tubular and RAD!


Thrasher x Magical Mosh Misfits | ‘Never Give Up’ T-Shirt

thrasher for japan Thrasher x Magical Mosh Misfits | ‘Never Give Up’ T Shirt
In efforts to raise money for the relief of the Japan after the recent devastation, Thrasher has teamed up with Japanese-based skate/design crew Magical Mosh Misfits to bring you this limited-edition t-shirt. All proceeds from this shirt will be donated to The Red Cross to help raise money for the Japanese relief effort. Go here to purchase one.


March 22, 2011

Sonic Youth & Vans Auction Rarities

by Accidental Bear

Vans and Sonic Youth pretty wraps up all my high school years. Making it out alive was a triumph. Who knew that 20 years later I’d still be wearing Vans and listening to Sonic Youth! I’m convinced my gay genes and laying off the booze have kept me young both body and spirit. Rock out with you C**k out!


Sonic Youth’s Rare Posters & Custom Vans Auction for Japan

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Sonic Youth's Rare Posters & Custom Vans Auction for Japan

Sonic Youth is auctioning off a pair of rare custom VANS from 1992 as well as two even rarer concert posters to benefit Shelterbox who “provide humanitarian aid in the form of shelter, warmth and dignity to people displaced by natural and other disasters worldwide.”

Go bid on them all on EBAY now!


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March 11, 2011

Action, Re-action Videos from Japan

by Accidental Bear

Shocking Video From Japan Earthquake

By Editors


A giant whirlpool, an airport inundated by tsunami waves, and a power plant ablaze are among myriad images coming out of Japan after a massive earthquake hit off the coast of the heavily populated island of Honshu on Friday.

A giant whirlpool, an airport inundated by tsunami waves, and a refinery ablaze are among the myriad images coming out of Japan after a massive earthquake hit off the coast of the heavily populated island of Honshu on Friday.


February 10, 2011

Flannels Are Not A Trend. They’ve Been Around Way Before You Were a Sperm

by Accidental Bear

Flathead Winter Flannel

10 February 2011, 04.30

Flathead Winter Flannel

The Flathead company was started in 1996 by Kobayashi Masayoshi and has produced amazing products for the Japanese market. Today, we have the ease and access to most of the products they offer in Japan thanks to Self Edge. The “Winter Flannel” comes in three different colorways: mustard, blue and red. The shirt is “made of a heavy cotton flannel with a combed super soft interior. Due to the heavy gauge thread and vintage loomed fabric, the shirt is an amazing piece for the winter months. This is the second rendition of the shirt and it might even better than the last.

flathead winter flanel 2 150x150 Flathead Winter Flannel
flathead winter flannel 1 150x150 Flathead Winter Flannel
flathead winter flannel 3 150x150 Flathead Winter Flannel
flathead winter flannel 5 150x150 Flathead Winter Flannel
flathead winter flannel 6 150x150 Flathead Winter Flannel
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