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June 16, 2011

Joan Rivers Says Tracy Morgan Should Not Have Apologized

by Accidental Bear

Joan SHOULD be apologizing for that coat she’s wearing in the picture. 



Comedian Joan Rivers simultaneously took swipes at Tracy Morgan and knocked any notion that he should have apologized for making an antigay tirade from the stage.
“He shouldn’t apologize,” Rivers told The Daily Beast,claiming she would have to apologize after every show if everyone she offended had their way. “Gay fans? What are they doing seeing him anyhow? Why aren’t they watching me and Kathy Griffin? What are they doing at this show?” Then she laughed and said, “He’s lost his gay fan.”


February 8, 2011

Joan Rivers Gives advice to Rachel Maddow on hair styles

by Accidental Bear
These strange planets called Rachel and Joan colliding is worth your time. This may be a good or example of,



Joan Rivers Tells Rachel Maddow If She Grew Her Hair She Could “Get A Porn Tape”

Joan Rivers

In the newest commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, a voluptuous model with her face obscured is being announced as the new spokesperson for GoDaddy. After all the build up it turns out to be… Joan Rivers!

Rivers came onto The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss it, and refused to admit that there was a body double used.

“I am a grandma, so I am a GILF.”

“Are you up to NFL standards of raciness when you text pictures?” O’Donnell wanted to know.

Yes, she takes them of her pulling the plug on old Jewish men.

At the end of the interview, O’Donnell tossed to Rachel Maddow who was coming up next, and Rivers could not help but shout out some beauty advice for Maddow.

“Tell Rachel to grow her hair, she’ll get a porn tape!”

“No, Joan, have you ever seen me with long hair? I look like one of the grown up and gone bad.”

Rivers countered that Maddow would look “hot.”

Ba dump.

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