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June 24, 2011

Want Some Candy My “Beautiful Darling” |Castro Theater 6/30 SF CA

by Accidental Bear

DIRECTOR James Rasin
PRODUCER Jeremiah Newton
WRITTEN BY James Rasin
EDITOR Zac Stuart-Pontier


Beautiful Darling chronicles the short but influential life of Candy Darling who was a major part of Andy Warhol’s entourage and was one of the inspirations for the Lou Reed song “Walk on the Wild Side.”

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June 4, 2011

I Am Divine – First Teaser: Currently in Production| Video

by Accidental Bear

A celebration of the immortal star and Most Beautiful Woman in the World… DIVINE! Currently in production. It’s about time. The world hasn’t had enough of dog shit eating filth in way to long. No more Britney Spears and Lohans. What the world needs is more Divines and Divine realness!

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February 28, 2011

Terry Richardson’s Diary

by Accidental Bear

I follow Terry Richardson’s Diary

like a Hawk! So should you.

February 28, 2011


February 28, 2011

Me and Natalia

Me and Natalia

February 26, 2011Me and John Waters at the opening of the Ed Ruscha show.

Me and John Waters at the opening of the Ed Ruscha show.

February 28, 2011Me and Paris

Me and Paris

I’ve said it before, but I want to change places with Terry for just one day!

December 21, 2010

The John Waters Christmas Album

by Accidental Bear

Possibly the best Christmas album EVER!  Played all season at my oh-so “modern families” home. Christmassy without a gag me with a spoon over the top holiday cheer and a welcoming dose of Waters  humor.

  • “Fat Daddy” – Fat Daddy
  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” – Tiny Tim
  • “Christmas Time Is Coming” (A Street Carol) – Stormy Weather
  • “Happy Birthday Jesus” – Little Cindy
  • “Here Comes Fatty Claus” – Rudolph & Gang
  • “Little Mary Christmas” – Roger Christian
  • “I Wish You A Merry Christmas” – Big Dee IrwinLittle Eva
  • “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” – Jimmy Donley
  • “Sleigh Ride” – Alvin & The Chipmunks
  • “Sleigh Bells, Reindeer And Snow”
  • “First Snowfall” – The Coctails
  • Santa Claus Is A Black Man” – AKIM & The Teddy Vann Production Company
  • “Happy Birthday Jesus (a Child’s Prayer)” by Little Cindy

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