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July 13, 2011

Big Brother 13’s Jeff Schroeder Homophobic Rant Over Dumbledore

by Accidental Bear

Damn you Jeff. In order to make this rant I need to admit to watching Big Brother (Wow, I feel better, you know, first step to recovery and all, admitting). I have grown a super crush on Jeff Schroeder a contestant on reality tv show Big Brother. In my mind Jeff, my boyfriend and I have all held hands on a romantic picnic, oh and his fiancee Jordan is there, serving us egg salad sandwiches, pickles and Orange Crush Soda (My dream, not your!) So, to my surprise I now find out he’s a homophobic scumbag, allegedly. Jeff I still want to see naked Polaroids of you but you’re an ass (until proven otherwise). turned us on to the transcript of his rant.

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