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April 12, 2011

This is Not a Polo Shirt; Band of Outsiders

by Accidental Bear

These non-polos are a fresh spin on the shirts I was sporting in my 4th, 5th and 6th grade school pictures. I’m thinking about bringing back the bowl cut for a complete ensemble. What’s the difference between polo and rugby shirts?


This is not a Polo Shirt by Band of Outsiders for Spring/Summer 2011

Via Selectism

This is not a Polo Shirt by Band of Outsiders for Spring/Summer 2011

This is Not a Polo Shirt is a spin-off of the Band of Outsiders collection. What they are of course is just that. Variations of the classic polo and well done. “Reimagined by way of color combination, stripe type, and artful ornament, each shirt this season brings a lovable, LA touch to the tennis court constant.” Opening Ceremony has them.



March 25, 2011

Lacoste, You’re going to make a Preppy out of Me

by Accidental Bear

This has a classic Leave it Beaver , boy next door feel to it. Like most things, just add beard and it will be all that and a bag of chips. This jacket is one of the items thats a little clean cut for my taste so I would have to rough it up with some dirty jeans and old boots. Then I’ll be ready to work the runaway ( line at Starbucks).


Lacoste Knitted Bomber Jacket

Selectism - lacoste-knitted-bomber-jacket-01

How do you feel about Lacoste? We ask because your preconceptions will probably affect how much you like this jacket. We think it looks great, but if one too many style deficient folks have worn the brand in your neck of the woods, you’re likely to be reflexively put off. If not, then go ahead and do your wardrobe a favour. (Asos)

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