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February 28, 2011

Naval Academy smoking Synthetic marijuana, I’m so proud

by Accidental Bear
Synthetic marijuana, LAME! Our “proud” men and women obviously need something better to do and have way to much time on thier hands. Maybe they should adopt the anthem from retail workers, ” Got time to lean, time to clean!.” Get those boy on their hands and knees and get them scrubbing, dusting and wiping down. One word comes in mind when first reading headline, POSER.

Synthetic marijuana widely used at Naval Academy, some midshipmen say


Washington Post Staff Writer


A synthetic form of marijuana is widely used at the U.S. Naval Academy because it cannot be detected in routine drug tests, according to several former midshipmen who have been removed from campus for using or possessing the substance.

Since its introduction at the academy last year, synthetic marijuana has become popular among rank-and-file midshipmen and on the football and wrestling teams, the former midshipmen said. Some isolated corners of the historic Annapolis campus, they said, have become well-known gathering spots for smoking it.

Synthetic marijuana is an herbal potpourri sprayed with chemicals that, when smoked, produces mood-altering effects. It is illegal in at least 12 states, although not in Maryland, and is prohibited in the U.S. military, including at its service academies.


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