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June 8, 2011

Chloë Sevigny To Play An Irish Transsexual Assassin In New Miniseries

by Accidental Bear

Perfect parts come to good people. Just saying. When I become uber famous and gobs of people are making films about my life, I want Chloe to play me. She is divine and talented, which translate to secret weapon. AB


Not many actresses would be able to recover from doing “that scene” in Vincent Gallo‘s “The Brown Bunny,” but then again, Chloë Sevigny has hardly played by anyone’s rules. She broke out in the controversial “Kids” and from there has amassed an impressive CV working with directors like Lars von Trier (”Dogville,” “Manderlay”), David Fincher (”Zodiac”), Woody Allen (”Melinda & Melinda”), Whit Stillman (”The Last Days Of Disco”), Jim Jarmusch (”Broken Flowers”) and Harmony Korine (”Gummo,” “Julien Donkey-Boy”). And oh yeah, there was that Oscar nomination for “Boys Don’t Cry” as well. She’s also come on the radar of mainstream America with her role in the HBO series “Big Love.” However, her next role might be her most memorable one to date.

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