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March 24, 2011

Left Field Produces Some of the Strongest Chinos on the Market

by Accidental Bear

I am always looking for a cure for my white-boy-butt-syndrome. Could these Chinos be the answer? Will baby one day have back?

Left Field Chino Collection for Spring 2011

Left Field Chino Collection for Spring 2011

Left Field produces some of the strongest chinos on the market. What makes them tops is their twills. For Spring 2011, they deliver four styles: “Japanese khaki twill (made from the same heavy-duty cotton twill used to make Japanese military garments), one organic olive twill, and two enzyme-washed organic cotton canvas models. Details are the same four all four pairs, and they include a Corozo button fly, front coin pocket, on-seam side pockets, buttoned back pockets.” We love the chambray pocket bags – made from Japanese fabrics of course. Made in Los Angeles.


left field chinos spring2011 1 150x150 Left Field Chino Collection for Spring 2011left field chinos spring2011 02 150x150 Left Field Chino Collection for Spring 2011left field chinos spring2011 03 150x150 Left Field Chino Collection for Spring 2011


left field chinos spring2011 04 150x150 Left Field Chino Collection for Spring 2011left field chinos spring2011 05 150x150 Left Field Chino Collection for Spring 2011left field chinos spring2011 06 150x150 Left Field Chino Collection for Spring 2011



March 23, 2011

RIP Lovely Liz Taylor 2/27/1932 – 3/23/2011

by Accidental Bear

Elizabeth Taylor dies; screen legend was 79: Elizabeth Taylor, a voluptuous, violet-eyed actress who lived a life of luster and anguish and spent more than six decades as one of the world’s most visible women, was known for her two Academy Awards, eight marriages, ravaging illnesses and work in AIDS philanthropy.

March 20, 2011

Juxtapoz Presents: Curtis Kulig ( CUTE BEARD ALERT) |video

by Accidental Bear

After  talking with artists all week it is more than clear that its NOT HIP to be called a street artist anymore. As if it undermines or takes away from street cred, ironic. Curtis Kulig has the simple message LOVE ME . 2 small world can change the world. Curtis also qualifies as todays CRUSH as well. Wink Wink


source…/ Kulig.html

Curtis Kulig, a New York artist, is most known for the words; “LOVE ME” which he splatters across the city’s sprawl.

Recent exhibitions include works presented at Daniziger Projects (2008 NYC), Subliminal Projects (2008 Los Angeles), Shadows Space (2009 Philadelphia) and This Gallery (2010 Los Angeles), Leo Kesting Gallery (2010) and Stolen Space London (2010).

Curtis  has also been photographing the streets and people   that surround him for several years now in raw black and  white images

Equally comfortable in both the art and commercial worlds, Curtis’ collaborations include projects with fellow artists Shepard Fairey and Skullphone, as well as brands including Volcom, Burton, Nike, DQM, HBO, Converse, Ace Hotels, Altamont, Posterchild, Bobbi Brown, and Paper Magazine. .

Curtis lives and works in New York City



March 15, 2011

Game Shame: New “comedy” set in hair salon

by Accidental Bear

Hair dressers, florists, massage therapists, nurses, and TRANNY HOOKER are all gay stereotypical jobs and a lot of time these stereotypes hit the nail on the head. This new show pounds the nail on the head. I’ve lived through Will and Graces poor representation of gay guys and it seems like each time I channel surf there is a new show spotlighting gay men unlike any gay men I know. It makes sense though , their  drama, over the top personalities and cat fights make for good TV.


Via Queerty

The Gays In Michael Patrick King‘s Hair Salon Comedy Are As Stereotypical As You’d Expect

Michael Patrick King‘s new comedy pilot for NBC A Mann’s World, about a celebrity hair salon in Los Angeles (starring Don Johnson as heterosexual Allan Mann) with a disproportionate number of straight characters for such a plot, does star Mario Cantone as, well, what else? But producers will be casting for three uber-effeminate gay stylists who say things like “girl.” As outlined in the pilot treatment, their names are — I present to you without comment — Snip, Snap, and Snur.

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March 15, 2011

Keith Haring’s Art keeps on Giving

by Accidental Bear
keith haring at a party at gonzales y gonzales...

Image via Wikipedia

How appropriate for this week, as Scooter Laforge has hijacked Accidental Bear to have more art news of the same flavor. Keith Haring passed a long time ago but his legend still lives on and influences artists born even today. I Bow to you Keith.



Haring Art Gifted to LA Gay Center


By Editors

Tyler Cassity, Dr. Marki Knox, Lorri L. Jean KEITH HARING ART X390 (LAGLC BACCHUS STUART) | ADVOCATE.COM

Ten rare silkscreens from gay artist Keith Haring have been given to the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, which is placing them on display.

The art, donated by Tyler Cassity, co-owner of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, will be displayed through March 30 at the Center’s Village at Ed Gould Plaza. The 1988 Apocalypse series is a departure from the usual work of Haring, who usually created playful human figures. Haring passed away in 1990 from AIDS-related complications.

Click here for the full story.


March 10, 2011


by Accidental Bear

Interview by Michael Ladner
Photography by Bella Lieberberg

Last Sunday at around 7:30 p.m. CET at the Hebbel am Ufer theatre in Berlin-Kreuzberg, a massive iron curtain thundered upwards, marking the premiere ofBruce LaBruce’s first-ever staging of Arnold Schönberg’s melodrama Pierrot Lunaire. Leave it to Bruce LaBruce to transform Schönberg’s opera of sorts into a one-hour-long gender-bending tale of impossible love, guilt, and confusion — complete with a neo-expressionist stage design including a dick-guillotine and dildos aplenty. A day before the premiere Bruce and his art director Cyril Duval aka item idem took time out from tending to the production’s final kinks to answer some of BUTT’s pondering questions. READ INTERVIEW at BUTT

February 28, 2011

Art ‘Is Gay,’ According To Banksy Successor Stall

by Accidental Bear

First off I have a school teacher for my better half and he has broken me down to agree with him that we ( everybody, gays included) need to STOP saying things are “gay”. No matter what way you look at it, when it’s used to describe something with the intention of saying it’S LAME, DUMB, or BAD its negative for all gay people on a whole.

As far as Stall’s “art ” work, I say LAZY! I understand the humor behind what he’s doing, but lets not pay him any attention. Lets give him his 15 minutes of fame and then go back to worshipping Banksy!




Art ‘Is Gay,’ According To Banksy Successor Stalls

Move over Banksy, because Stalls has come to town. In the new Spike Video Game Awards-nominated film Enter Through the Stall Door we meet Stalls, who’s made quite the name for himself by just tagging “is gay” on other artists’ work. “I mean there’s a lot of stuff out there that should be called gay,” he says. If you don’t understand why this is brilliant, then you don’t understand art, and that makes you look stupid.

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February 12, 2011

Things I Want, Please & Thank You

by Accidental Bear

Enough said.

Jääkarhu Pillow

Best. Expressions. Ever. These two polar pals must be looking at something quite stunning—the goings-ons of your living room, perhaps? We’re loving the darling duo from Marimekko who are keeping it cool on a plush cotton pillow.

More info:

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February 12, 2011

Imagine, a Gay-centric Gay-borhood in the Desert

by Accidental Bear

First thought Burning man, second thought desert porn shoots, third thought, TOTALLY RAD! I am going to follow this super cities planning and jump on board! I’m far from retiring, but not I’m continuously told to be a better planner.


Gay Super City Planned for Calif. Desert

By Editors


Almost a dozen architecture firms have created designs for a proposed gay-centric, pedestrian-friendly community not far from Palm Springs, Calif.

Called Boom, the community would house 300 residences and eight neighborhoods in a space of 100 acres. While originally conceived by a Los Angeles developer as a gay-centered community, Boom would be open to anyone. Aside from homes, amenities include an entertainment center and a “rooftop mist disco.”

Located in Rancho Mirage, Boom has not yet started to wend its way through the city approval process, but its developer hopes to break ground next year and finish construction in late 2014. The project’s first phase would cost about $250 million to develop.

January 18, 2011

All Eyes on: Justin Hall ( Cartoonist)

by Accidental Bear

You might think that Justin is a super hero himself, super tall, super good looks and I think he can fly ( I think). He has been a Cartoonist since 2001, and obsessed with them since he learned to read ( so his bio says). His cartoons are action packed, indecent brilliance and Glamazonia P-P-P-Power Packed. They are what I wish my dreams could be, but fall short of. He has finaly reach title …( drum roll please)…


Take a peak at his work.

And for the Bear, Bear-Lover in us or on us

“I finally have my latest work up on my site for sale, so check it out!  Everything is available in the “store” section, with descriptions of each item and sample pages…”

Justin Hall 


Group Effort:

Bent Comix’ first group release!
BENT Comix sampler #1!
40 page manga-size comic.
Color covers! 7 entries in full color! 3 in glorious B&W!

2 front covers! 2 front halves!
(book flips in the middle)
10 Creators!
Dave Davenport!
Brad Rader!
Sam Saturday!
JC Etheredge!
Ed Luce!
Gravity Faggots!
Justin Hall!
Steve MacIsaac!

To order, send $7 for U.S. orders (includes shipping)
or $9 for foreign (not U.S.) orders (includes shipping) to:
Dave Davenport
4228 Melrose av
Los Angeles, Ca 90029


January 15, 2011

California’s Gold Huell Howser You Inspire Me To Be More Like Dora The Explorer

by Accidental Bear
Huell's image on a milk bottle

Image via Wikipedia

To catch my attention you don’t  have to have a hit record ( or a wonderfully bombed one either) , have a beard or have a leaked sex tape. By accident a few time a month I find myself plopped on the couch after work on Saturdays watching Huell Burnley Howser ((born October 18, 1945) is an American television personality best known for California’s Gold, his travel show for the now former Los Angeles PBS affiliate, KCET.) scanning   California and touring places I’VE NEVER HEARD OF, which quickly gets jotted down on my road trip DREAM list.

He’s funny, goofy, has BIG BICEPS ( I’m not saying gun show any longer in response to Arizona shootings) and fullfill may daddy/ coach fetish. So, my hats off to you Huell. Keep doing what you love and I’ll see you on Saturday.

December 23, 2010

Essentials for Holiday Road Trippin’

by Accidental Bear

Some of the “best” movie memories I have are road trip movies : Vacation, Easy Rider, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Thelma and Louise and Smokey and the Bandit. I am embarking on a southern road trip tomorrow morning , San Francisco —> Santa Barbara —-> Los Angeles —> Palm Springs and I am coming up of a list of things NOT to do, miss or forget.

We now have Jetson like devices iphones and GPS systems so it should be impossible to get lost, right? Road trips excite me, tap into my still teenager encased soul wrapped in my fuzzy exterior. The open road, the unknown. Of course in this 38 year old body I have more restraints than my teenager at heart- care free -throw caution into the window soul.

Road tripping over the Holidays adds another layer of pre-caution. Do you run into the truck stop on highway whatever to take an emergency number 2 without covering up and securing presents piled up in back seat from lurking eyes? Desperate times, desperate measures, BE WARNED. You hear stories about junkies crashing a car window for a cigarette butt they see in car ash tray ( I made that up). Thankfully I will not be contending with snow storms so I can remove car tires chains, sleeping bag like coats, leg warmers ( just kidding..maybe) off the ” to bring list”.

Be safe, be as smart as you can, be wary of hitchhikers and only pick up if they are drop dead gorgeous and you are horny ( just kidding… maybe). Don’t fight with the driver , avoid fast foods that will loosen your stools ( for real), put down all you electronic vices and stare out the window, soak it all in and have fun because soon you’ll be back in morning traffic on a conference call heading to work.


Here are six tips for feeling safe and sane on the road:

1. Don’t advertise your travels. Avoid leaving road maps in plain sight inside your parked car; instead, try to look like a local, even if your license plate isn’t. If your vehicle is laden with luggage, and especially if you have gear stowed on the roof, park where you can see it from a restaurant or store. At night, take everything that is in plain view with you into your motel room.

2. Look like you know where you’re going. When sightseeing, avoid standing on street corners wearing a befuddled expression while staring at a guidebook or map. Get a few bearings before you venture out of the car.

3. Get an upstairs room. At roadside motels, consider getting a room on the second floor so you can scan the parking lot before heading down to your car. (Personally, I prefer first-floor rooms, so I don’t have to lug my gear up the stairs.)

4. Consider the refund policy. If you stop at an inexpensive mom and pop motel, and there is a sign at the check-in counter that says, “No Refunds for Early Check-Out,” consider moving on. I speak from experience when I say that is likely that the establishment has some unsavory condition that you won’t detect until you’re covered with bug bites or awakened in the night by noises too loud to ignore. At the very least, ask to see the room before you pay.

5. Use the truck stopsTravel and truck centers are some of the safest places to stop and rest. They have 24-hour security and professional drivers who are used to staying aware and protective of their vehicles. The only drawback is that they aren’t very quiet. You’ll have to get used to the “big-rig lullaby,” because most drivers leave their engines running even when parked for the night.

6. Chat up the locals. Get local information whenever you can. Coffee shops, hair salons and taverns are all good places to chat casually with residents. Also pick up a local paper or watch the local television news. Being aware of local current events will not only help you have more fun, it can also keep you safe. Participate in the Great American RoadTrip Forum before you leave town to gain a local’s perspective about the places you will be driving through.

Road trips are meant to be adventurous and fun. Channel the energy you’re spending on that worst-case scenario into some sensible precautions, and you will have a safe, sane and enjoyable trip.


Photo by Jeff Booth