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July 22, 2011

It’s for Real, ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ The Musical

by Accidental Bear

In my earlier days, with my “fuck you” attitude and bad punk hair to go along with it, the idea of Stanley Kubrick‘s Clockwork Orange as a musical would have made my stomach turn. But now in my ripe old age, I am intrigued. AB


Songs written by author Anthony Burgess for a musical version of his novel A Clockwork Orange are to be performed in the UK for the first time. Burgess adapted A Clockwork Orange for a stage musical in the 1980s after his book was turned into a controversial film by director Stanley Kubrick. The music will be performed next year in Manchester during a series of events to mark the novel’s 50th anniversary. The story follows a violent teenage gang leader in a lawless society. The film caused an international outcry when it was released in 1971, leading Kubrick to withdraw it from cinemas. 

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May 11, 2011

George Michael Wants His Next Album to be SUPER GAY

by Accidental Bear

George Michael Wants To Work With A “Gay Collective” On His Next Album


114062596Today George Michael announced his first tour since he “retired’ in 2008, the Symphonica tour, which will see the pop star backed by European chamber orchestras. The tour will begin at the State Opera House in Prague on August 22, and will end at the MEN Arena in Manchester on December 12. A Paris date has already been set for the spring of 2012, leading many to think that a second leg of the tour, perhaps with dates outside of Europe, is being planned.

At least one of the shows will be at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden in November to help raise funds for Elizabeth Taylor’s AIDS Foundation and to honor her memory following her death in March. At a press conference held in London today Michael said, “At the moment there are four opera houses booked — two of them will be for charity. The one here in the Opera House here in Covent Garden will be for charity and hopefully in honor of Elizabeth Taylor and making some contributions to her foundation… I knew her and she was such a wonderful lady and she worked so tirelessly and completely selflessly. I’d like to pay my respects in some way.” READ MORE

March 21, 2011

God Dammit Bjork!

by Accidental Bear

BjorkIs this Björk‘s ‘most ambitious and exciting work to date’? Photograph: Dominic Favre/AFP/Getty Images

I have fought tooth and nail to avoid HAVING to get an iphone. This past week I have been bombarded with media releases only available as apps. But this latest release has pushed me over the line, Björk’s app album!

PS Bjork, I love you



Do Björk’s apps break new ground?

The singer’s shows at the Manchester international festival will be accompanied by ‘companion apps’. Is this the future?

It has been announced that Björk has chosen this year’s Manchester international festival to unveil what a suitably breathless press release describes as her “most ambitious and exciting work to date”. In six shows across June and July, everyone’s favourite Icelander will premiere a multimedia project called Biophilia. Apparently it’s all to do with the universe and the planets and atomic structure and whatnot. It all sounds a bit like Professor Brian Cox the Musical (in a good way). READ MORE



This summer, Björk introduces Biophilia, an extraordinary immersive project and her most ambitious work to date. The multi-media endeavour encompasses her music, installations and live shows, and celebrating the use of modern technology by utilising the internet. The project aims to explore ideas like how sound works, the infinite expanse of the universe, from planetary systems to atomic structures.

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