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May 7, 2011

Michael Stipe Reflects on AIDS Witch Hunt

by Accidental Bear

There are monsters under the bed and trolls under the bridge to worry about, but your real concern, the one that slaps you in the face may be AIDS; In your friends faces, in your community, your next door neighbor, on fliers and billboards. Michael Stipe talks about moving to New York  at 21 and getting his wake up call. AB


‘Holy shit. This is for real.’

By Editors


Michael Stipe recalls being frightened by AIDS as a young man and compares the early days of testing to a witch hunt, according to an article in Interview magazine.

Asked what he’s afraid of, the R.E.M. vocalist replies, “I’m afraid of everything. I’m not a naturally courageous person, but AIDS really brought it home. I mean, it was right when I was 21 years old and came to New York and saw the first billboard about AIDS. It was like, ‘Holy shit. This is for real.’ It was scary. It was right at the time when I was in a band. Suddenly there were all these people who were available to me — men and women — and I was really having fun. But then there came responsibility and feeling afraid and being afraid to get tested, because you couldn’t get tested anonymously. It was so fucked up.” READ MORE

April 11, 2011

Surreal Mash-up of New York’s Fashion, Art and Culture Crowd

by Accidental Bear


Steven Sebring:Illumination-Smith&Young&Ramone2

via thefashioninformer

Monday night’s opening of the Steven Sebring Illumination exhibit at Milk Gallery was a surreal mash-up of New York’s fashion, art and culture crowd.  Seriously.  Where else would you find Reed Krakoff, Richard Chai, Catherine Malandrino, Victoria Bartlett, Irina Lazareanu and Nanette Lepore rubbing elbows with Lucas Haas, Roxanne Lowit, Donna D’Cruz, Sky Ferreira and Mickey Rourke?

Nowhere.  Because this is where you’d find Sebring’s reworked, larger-than-life Polaroid portraits of poet/musicians Jim Carroll, Neil Young, Joey Ramone, Richard Hell, Phillip Glass, Patti Smith and Michael Stipe, with the latter two taking to the stage to perform a live, heartfelt tribute to all the artists featured. Trust us. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Patti Smith rock out to the Ramones’ Blitzkrieg Bop and duet with Stipe on REM’s Everybody Hurts.

You can read all about it in our blog post over on Rue La La. In the meantime, enjoy these snaps, which we took just before it got crazy crowded.

Steven Sebring:Illumination-Patti Smith triptych4
Steven Sebring:Illumination-Smith&Stipe3
photos © The Fashion Informer/Lauren David Peden


March 7, 2011

Michael Stipe claimes to be 80% Gay (+ 20%)

by Accidental Bear

Dude 80% gay translates to 100% gay. Stick to singing and stay away from math!


Michael Stipe: ‘I’m 80 per cent gay’

Michael Stipe rejects the term bisexual (Photo: Kris Krug)

REM singer Michael Stipe says he’s 80 per cent gay but “hates” the term bisexual.

Speaking to the Observer, the 51-year-old singer said: “On a sliding scale of sexuality I’d place myself around 80-20, but I definitely prefer men to women. I had sex with, and enjoyed sex with, women until I met someone that I fell in love with, and who is now my boyfriend.”

He also revealed that he felt frightened in the 1980s by AIDS and where he fitted in.

He said: “I wasn’t troubled or confused, but I just felt there wasn’t a place for me. I hate and refuse to apply the term bisexual to myself. It doesn’t seem appropriate. It feels like just another label.



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