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May 26, 2011

Shoes on the J-Church ; SF CA MUNI

by Accidental Bear

My little trip on San Francisco’s J-Church Muni train this afternoon sent me down memory lane. It summed goes like this, high school, black leather motorcycle jacket covered with punk rock stickers, bleached hair/ bangs hanging in face, and converse high-tops covered in art work via my hand and a sharpie, duck tape holding them together, in denial that it was time for them to go. These orange converse pictured was my ticket to this flash back journey.

April 18, 2011

Scott Wiener (one of our own), Set to Fix the Metropolitan Transportation Commission

by Accidental Bear

Scott, the only thing I ask of you is to have 24/7 “Crazy Patrol” on all trains. How many times have you had to politely ignore crazy-aggressive-loud-rants or share a seat with a belligerent drunk homeless person? Muni may push you to your tolerance level. I am surprised more people don’t lose it on busy afterwork commutes and brawl.


Supervisors Scott Wiener and David Campos Set to Serve on MTC

Wiener says funding for Muni will be a priority

Source: The Bay Citizen

Scott Wiener mtc

Dennis Hearne Photography, courtesy SF Streetsblog Scott Wiener

For the last 16 years, Jon Rubin has served as the Mayor’s appointee on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Bay Area’s regional transportation planning and funding body, originally appointed by Frank Jordan in 1995. Last week, Rubin was forced to resign and turn over the seat to Supervisor Scott Wiener, whose four-year term begins May 1.

While it’s true the Mayor was looking to strike a compromise because the Board of Supervisors was deadlocked over its appointment between Wiener and Supervisor David Campos, as reported by the Chronicle, sources told Streetsblog that a behind-the-scenes effort has been underway for some time to get Rubin replaced. Some advocates and City Hall insiders who didn’t want to be identified said they were disappointed with Rubin’s record on the commission, and felt he hasn’t been aggressive enough on San Francisco’s behalf.

Source: The Bay Citizen (

Source: The Bay Citizen (

April 12, 2011

Muni Diaries; A Web Collage of Muni Tid-bits

by Accidental Bear

Why have I never been privy to this site Muni diaries? I hoof it around the city by foot, train and bus and each and every Muni ride I get my fares worth of entertainment. As we all sit there darting our eyes from floor to ceiling there are so many stimulations block for block. Muni Diaries puts this all down in a collage via the web.



Our mission: 

Muni Diaries is a place to share and read rider tales and news about the sometimes crappy, sometimes efficient, but essential public-transit system of San Francisco.

Saw something hilarious on a ride? Grossed out by bad Muni etiquette? Checked out the same hot thang on the bus every day this week and didn’t get up the nerve to smile? The idea is: If you have something to say about a ride, about a route, or even about politics surrounding public transit in the city, Muni Diaries is your forum to let the world know.

We are a ragtag group of San Franciscans who love the ups and the downs, the good and the bad stories in and around the buses and light-rail cars in our city. But we can’t emphasize enough that we want Muni Diaries to be a user-generated exercise in storytelling.

Bookmark us, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our RSS feed (if you use Google’s Chrome browser, you’ll have to add the site in your RSS reader manually), “like” us on Facebook, add photos to our Flickr group pool, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or just begin telling your Muni stories today.

Under Market
February 12, 2011

Tweaker Tells “Al Gore” to Stop Staring at Her Sexual Organs (VIDEO)

by Accidental Bear


“Lady”(thing) Accuses Muni Passenger(nerd) Of Being Al Gore, Staring At Her Private(skanky) Parts

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