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July 16, 2011

Burger Girl, Benjamin Dukhan Drops New Single & Video Tonight

by Accidental Bear

Like the dropping of  the New Years Eve disco ball (but totally different) our friend, the bearded wonder, the lovely and amazing <drum roll> Benjamin Dukhan, aka Burger Girl’s, new single and video will be released tonight on Youtube and iTunes.

Burger Girl on YOUTUBE

To get you excited, here is a Burger Girl snack


July 15, 2011

BARB@ZUL feat LUIS MIGUELEZ “OSO DE PELUCHE” (subtitles): Music Bear Video

by Accidental Bear

This will start my new feature called SPEECHLESS

IINGLIS The first album of barba@ul “hijos de Adan” is already on sale on iTunes and every digital stores (amazon, spotify, emusic, and many more.) It’s Also available at fnac and your regular music stores. Check our website and you will find all the information about the selling points. You can also watch us and listen to us on or facebook as grupo barbazul.Hijos de Adan is co produced by Luis Miguelez. Hijos de Adan contains 10 tracks + 10 bonus tracks

July 13, 2011

No One Loves Matt Alber Like Accidental Bear, But You Can Try: Pre-Sales of New Album is On!

by Accidental Bear

Our good pal Matt Alber is diligently working in his next Album due out by Thanksgiving. Jump on board a pre-order your copy and one for your mom. The pre-order page for his new album is now up and running at Watch this delightful video featuring his charming super dad. The sale ends July 22nd. Happy pre-ordering!

July 11, 2011

Four Year Strong Project Greenroom Interview

by Accidental Bear

It is no secret Accidental Bear’s “bromance” With Four Year Strong. Want to know more about Four Year Strong’s upcoming third full length?

“The records not a punk record, it’s not a pop-punk record, it’s not a hardcore record, it’s a rock record. Listen up to Project Greenroom’s sit down with these hunk-of-burning-loves and listen to them chit-chat about this and that. They fulfill my straight-boy-crush to the max.

July 11, 2011

Milk Maid – “Not Me” : Beard Band, Red Alert

by Accidental Bear

Milk Maid – “Not Me”

From their debut album Yucca – out 7/19 on Fat Cat Records! Check out their official video for “Not Me” HERE!

(by MCR Scenewipe)

[vimeo 24696737 w=400 h=224]
July 8, 2011

Calling All SF Homocore: Queercore Bands @ El Rio

by Accidental Bear

This week, music by, for and about gays fills our ears, hearts and calendar. Bring your earplugs, or let your eardrums bleed. Limp Wrist (photo), Brilliant Colors and LA-based Drapetomania play their fast-paced rockin’ post-punk music. Friday, July 8. $7. 9pm. 3158 Mission St.

July 7, 2011

Burger Girl “Slut Machine” New Single Coming Soon

by Accidental Bear

July 5, 2011

All Eyes on Musician, Cute Ball of Ginger, Pat Grossi of Active Child

by Accidental Bear

For Pat Grossi of Active Child, the last two years have been nothing short of enriching. Musically, Pat has worked within and appropriated a number of styles into his sound, from his early days singing with that heavenly voice as a choir boy to his more recent forays into laptop-assisted indie-pop made in his bedroom, best exemplified on 2010’s acclaimed Curtis Lane EP. His sound is so wide-ranging that he has found himself touring with many notable acts of differing genres, including dubstep producer James Blake, dreamy synth-pop of School of Seven Bells, and the indie-rock bands White Lies and White Rabbits.

Nothing quite prepares you for the leap that Pat has taken with his debut album, You Are All I See, out on August 23rd via Vagrant records. Recently, he has expanded his sonic ambitions and turned the studio into an instrument for a record that sounds cosmically huge and yet intimate all the same. MORE

June 30, 2011

Accidental B. Gets a Piece of Johnny Evil the Vocalist for Le Panique Before EP Release Party on 7/2 | SF CA

by Accidental Bear

Johnny Evil Vocalist for Le Panique

I plucked lead singer Johnny Evil out of his warp speed as he and his band Le Panique prepare for thier EP release party this Saturday at the cafe Du Nord in San Francisco, CA. I applied a head lock and started to ask questions. This may sound rough, but in preparation for interview I blasted Le Panique through my house (and building) to set the mood. A minute into the first song, my heart beat rose and I was amped and bumping into furniture as if in a flashback to my mosh pit days. Johnny seems to be living and breathing his musical passion. On his plate he runs a live show booking/production company called Evil Live Productions, plays 13 different instruments and involved as Artist Manager/Site Administrator for music site

Le Panique  has been tagged as dance and punk at the same and I had to have this explained or I threatened Evil with a wedgy. Johnny Evil says, “We take the energy and aggression of punk and mix it in with beats and grooves you can dance your ass off to.” Come see for yourself and  I’ll buy you a free glass of water.

EP release show for Le Panique is at Cafe du Nord Saturday July 2nd

Accidental Bear: Here are some of my first date questions for you. How do your pronounce Le Panique? 

Johnny Evil: It’s a french translation of “The Panic”. So: Lay Pan-eek

A B: How long has the band been together and how did all come to meet?

J. Evil: We’ve only been a band for about 6 months, I met Devin, the bass player and main composer, through Craigslist. Craigstlist: not just for anonymous sex! Our drummer, Marlene, was in my previous band, Box Squad before we disbanded.

A B: What are some of your musical influences past and present?

J. Evil: The Misfits, first and foremost. AFI, Alexisonfire, A Day To Remember, I Set My Friends On Fire, and a lot of thrash metal. I was a total metalhead as a kid.

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June 27, 2011

All Eyes On Rainbow Noise “Ridin Swervin” | Lesbian Owned Record Label Specializing in LGBTQ Music

by Accidental Bear

About time we get some lady power up in here, it’s starting to smell like a mens locker room in here (mmmmm). These ladies (umm, clears throat) are dropping it like it’s hot.

Rainbow Noise Entertainment is a lesbian owned record label specializing in LGBTQ music artist with an independent name and mainstream appeal; But it doesn’t stop there… We are also committed to representing LGBTQ dancers, models, comedians, and entertainers with something to be proud of.

Ridin Swervin – Rainbow Noise (Prod. by Token)

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June 24, 2011

Pride Weekend Warm up: Cubby does Run The World (Girls)

by Accidental Bear


Press/Media and Business inquires only:

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June 23, 2011

Watsky, Goat Rap: Go White Boy Go

by Accidental Bear

beat by Mikos-

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June 22, 2011

Cubstars 2011 Teaser; NEW LOOK, NEW VIBE & NEW MUSIC!!

by Accidental Bear

For dinner tonight, Cubstars! Feast on that!

A Sneaky Peak at the Band in 2011 with a – NEW LOOK, NEW VIBE & NEW MUSIC!!

‘Automatic’ and ‘Happiness’ recorded by Cubstars to form a preview for 2011 and this Teaser.


June 20, 2011

Twilight of the Punk: Bob Mould’s New Memoir, “See a Little Light” Reviewed by New York Magazine

by Accidental Bear

 (via NYMAG)

Bob Mould needed punk rock. For a big, angry, closeted math-whiz teenager in the outer reaches of upstate New York—where the record store was an hour away, in the metropolis of Plattsburgh—listening to the Ramones, studying the sleeve the record came in, showed what might be possible for him. He could do what they do, he thought. And in fact he did: After moving to Minnesota for college, he and two friends started the pioneering hard-core band Hüsker Dü (named after a board game where the kids could beat the adults). Noisy, speedy—and at least as far as the musicians themselves, high on speed—the band, with Mould as its lumpy front man, combined post-teen provocation and melodic confessionalism in a way that perfectly captured the seesawing, self- protective anxieties of being young. Mould screamed a lot, but underneath was a yearning desire to be understood.Take a song like “Everything Falls Apart”: “I got nothing to do / You got nothing to say / Everything is so fucked up / I guess we like it that way.” It’s a catchy tune that combines those early Hüsker themes. Mould calls it “despair meets resignation.”

Hüsker Dü ended in 1987, and Mould has been experimenting his way out of that balefulness ever since. Punk, as a way of organizing yourself aesthetically, can be a scorched-Earth truth, but Mould is 50 now, and that ethos hasn’t been age- appropriate for some time. So he’s doing his best to find contentment.

That’s one reason he wrote his new memoir, See a Little Light, with Michael Azerrad (Little, Brown & Co., $24.99). It shares a title with one of his not-so-hopeless solo songs. In addition to being a detailed document of punk’s rise to the middle of the culture (including Mould’s successful, though ultimately less influential, early-nineties band Sugar), the book is an unsparing accounting of things he has done wrong, as well as things done to him. It doesn’t often sound like he’s having all that much fun, but he certainly comes off as determined. “With Bob, everything has to have a reason,” says his old friend Steve Fallon, who ran the rigorously booked Hoboken rock club Maxwell’s during the punk-to-indie golden era of 1979 to 1995. “There wasn’t a lot of freewheeling Bob Mould. It was very thought-out and processed. Even his music sounds chaotic, but it really isn’t.”

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June 16, 2011

Rapper Says Gay Fans Don’t Mind His Homophobic Language

by Accidental Bear

 By Editors


Rapper Tyler, the Creator, has responded to claims of homophobia, saying that his gay fans aren’t offended by his frequent use of the word “faggot,” reports MTV.

The rapper, who leads a Los Angeles–based hip hop collective called Odd Future, uses the word “faggot” 204 times on his recent albumGoblin. Other musicians, including Sara Quin, who is lesbian, and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation  have spoken out against Tyler’s repeated use of the slur.

MTV asked him about the controversy. “Well, I have gay fans and they don’t really take it offensive, so I don’t know. If it offends you, it offends you,” Tyler says. “If you call me a nigga, I really don’t care, but that’s just me, personally. Some people might take it the other way; I personally don’t give a shit.”

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