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April 3, 2011

My High School Boyfriend Was Gay

by Accidental Bear

There has been a viral (trendy word of the now) blog out there on the internet called, My High School Boyfriend Was Gay. I am not exempt from this title in no way. Below is my very own, my high school boyfriend was gay moment ( although, for the record, we were just good friends). Here I am in in 11th grade escorting  Heather to her senior prom. Aren’t I stunning with my bleach blonde bangs and baby face and a rented tux?

411: My HS Boyfriend Was Gay is a celebration of our most embarrassing, hilarious, tragic, heinous and stylish memories. Ladies, do you have a picture of you and your ex-boyfriend who was obviously gay? Or might as well have been gay? Gays, do you have memorable shots of you posing with your galpal that are just screaming to be submitted? Then do it! Just remember to keep it clean. And fun. MHSBFWG wants your pictures. We want photos of couples where something seems off. Submissions should be from adults 18 and up and should have the consent of both parties pictured. Don’t be a dick and ruin the fun.

Check out all the fun pics!