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July 2, 2011

America’s Dirtiest Beaches Revealed

by Accidental Bear

Summer patterns are already underway but one thing you can still do is check the water before entering for feces or syringes. It is the last thing you want to check for as you take a refreshing dive into assumed clean water. A new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) offers answers, as well as tips to help you find the healthiest beaches in your area.


The NRDC’s 21st annual beachwater quality report, released on Wednesday, covers 200 of America’s most popular beaches and reports on the effects of stormwater runoff, sewage overflows, human and animal waste and oil on water quality. According to the NRDC, last year witnessed the second-highest number of beach closings and advisory days in the last two decades.
“America’s beaches have long suffered from pollution — the difference is now we know what to do about it,” said NRDC senior attorney Jon Devine in a prepared statement. “By making our communities literally greener on land, we can make the water at the beach cleaner. In the years to come, there’s no reason we can’t reverse this dirty legacy.” MORE
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