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April 25, 2011

Rachel Maddow Calls for All Gay Anchors to Come Out Already

by Accidental Bear

You all know that Rachel is my girl! I do as she says (wait does that make me her girl). She calls for other “closeted” anchors to be open about their sexuality. Rachel takes on so many armies herself and deserves a little back up. So, Anderson don’t be a pussy. Rachel needs you. You don’t need to have a parade or be on the cover of magazines (although those who finally come out usually do because they are so happy and relieved). Staying in the closet only is bullying yourself.


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 Maddow is one of the very few gay news anchors in America – well, one of the very few openly gay news anchors. Does she feel frustration towards an equally well-known news presenter who is widely assumed to be gay but has never come out? For the first time, Maddow pauses: “I’m sure other people in the business have considered reasons why they’re doing what they’re doing, but I do think that if you’re gay you have a responsibility to come out,” she says carefully.

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