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May 31, 2011

Night Volunteer Patrols a Welcome Sight for LGBT Couples in Portland, OR

by Accidental Bear

All for one and one for all.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Many feel the timing is right for volunteer patrols to help protect people from hate crimes.

The patrols have started up after the attack of a gay couple just over a week ago.

Brad Forkner, 23, and Christopher Rosevear, 25, were attacked by three of five men who followed them over the Hawthorne Bridge eight days ago. The reason for the assault seems to be that the pair were holding hands. Now it seems holding hands — if you are gay or lesbian — is not always accepted on city streets.

Angela Biggs and her girlfriend were holding hands Sunday in Portland. They’re concerned that violence could reach them for just being who they are. They welcome patrols to prevent that kind of trouble.

“I don’t want to walk around Portland and not hold her hand, OK?” Angela said. “This is Portland and I’m allowed to do that. Let’s keep it up, can we please because then I feel a lot more comfortable walking around with my girlfriend. Although, I gotta say I’m not a guy, so we don’t get that sterotype, that stigma that a lot of the guys get.” READ MORE @

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