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September 1, 2011

Video | Oprah interviews Ralph Lauren and Checks Out his Teepees

by Accidental Bear

Does Ralph Lauren‘s family always dress like cowboys, or just for interviews with Oprah? This rare interview is fascinating and odd.

[vimeo 24302823 w=400 h=225]




May 26, 2011

Oprah Thanks the Gays for Watching; Gratitude (So long video)

by Accidental Bear

Good Bye! You are historic, you are Oprah.

“I thank you for tuning in every day, along with your mothers and your sisters and your daughters, your partners, gay and otherwise,” Winfrey says. “I thank you for being as much of a sweet inspiration for me as I’ve tried to be for you.”

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March 8, 2011

“Pray the Gay Away?” Tuesday at 10/9c

by Accidental Bear


How much poor representation of homosexuals can one world take? It makes me sick that Lisa Ling goes along with him pretending that he wants to be straight for a second. Who is he convincing? Poor thing, you need therapy and to drop this thing called ” god” then you can start some real healing and acceptance of who you are. As for now I will diagnose you; Homophobic Homosexual


Bonus Sneak Peek: “Pray the Gay Away?”, an all-new Our America Tuesday at 10/9c

Meet Christian. A young man trying to shed his past as a drag queen, stripper and homosexual. Tune in Tuesday at 10/9c for an all-new episode of Our America with Lisa Ling.

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