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April 29, 2011

“Chris Dorosz Pushes Paint in Unexpected Directions”

by Accidental Bear

*Contributed by Monkeypuzzle

Talented Hunk Alert!

“Chris Dorosz pushes paint in unexpected directions with remarkable results. He has a few distinct techniques, including filling canvases with grids of industrial staples that hold pools of color, and dripping globs of paint onto clear rods or monofilament strands to create fragmented, 3-D objects and figures. His process is equally regimented and relaxed, much like his enviable lifestyle in South Beach: making art, teaching, hitting the gym, and walking the dog. We paid him a visit to grill him about his studio secrets, and discovered a mutual love for a certain female singer. Let’s just say you might see the three of us at Trannyshack‘s Kate Bush Tribute Night.”

by By EKG Via

“I consider what I do painting. I like the historic implications of painting as a document. It’s a trace of somebody who was living and actually stood there in front of the object at arm’s length working on it. It’s a metaphor for the human presence. It’s just like pushing mud around. I have this vision that when all the electricity goes out and we’re potentially starting over again, we’ll always have mud to push around on a cave wall.” – Chris Dorosz from Interview with EKG at KGED

Chris Dorosz’s recently released textbook, Designing With Color: Concepts and Applications, is available through Fairchild Books.

February 13, 2011


by Accidental Bear

Watch a Soothing Video of the ‘Paint-Pouring’ Art Process

Paintings – Holton Rower

“Tall Painting”

Source Amanda Dobbins Paint-by-numbers: Out. Paint-by-gravity: In.
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