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May 8, 2011

Peaches Christ Celebrated Mothers on Stage @ Trannie Dearest

by Accidental Bear

On a stage usually covered in fake blood, placentas, wig parts and potty mouths, Peaches Christ has a tender moment last night at  the 30th Anniversary of Mommie Dearest w/ Trannie Dearest; Castro theater SF. Last nights event fell coincidentally on Mothers Day weekend. Joining Peaches in the pre-show performance was her very own, sprouted from her loins,  mother. Peaches Christ then celebrated the mothers of her production team and brought mothers to the stage that were present at the show. There was a semi awkward moment when one of the mothers put on her own impromptu skit which was followed by a parade through a cheering crowd.






Happy Mothers Day Mrs. Christ. You raised Peaches real good, like a lady!

May 7, 2011

30th Anniversary of Mommie Dearest w/ Trannie Dearest; Castro Therater SF

by Accidental Bear

Peaches Christ Productions presents the ULTIMATE MOMMIE DEAREST: 30th Anniversary Birthday Celebration, just in time for Mother’s Day weekend, for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the historic CASTRO THEATRE! Hosted by the Mommie from Hell — PEACHES CHRIST herself — this special evening will also include the anticipated return of the legendary pre-show TRANNIE DEAREST with Heklina, Martiny, and Peaches’ real-life mother Mrs. Christ!

You think as a bitter, been there done that queen, that you couldn’t possible be shocked and amused by a herd of drag queens? Well, I double dog dare you to put that idea of yours to a test tonight and head on down to the Castro Theater tonight for the show. Be warned Peaches shows end up somewhat interactive with the audience at times, so if you don’t want to be humiliated in public sit in the back, but if you get off on such perversion I suggest get your butt there early and plant yourself in the front row. AB

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