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May 1, 2011

Beard, Pink Balls, Pink Hot Pants & Some Juggling

by Accidental Bear

I am biting my tongue not to make pink ball jokes, this is some serious business. I’ve never seen a man so self aware of the placement of his balls as they flop over in the air, bang into each other and dance with with grace from hand to hand. Can you say AMAZEBALLS?

February 3, 2011

P!nk – F**kin’ Perfect, Almost

by Accidental Bear

Love Pink!….. but, I wish her songs were as slamming as she is hot and as gigantic as her voice rocks. Her new song has a fantastic message for the a-la- it get better phase the world is going through, but I feel like it could have been sang by any other pop- artist of the day. I wish Pink did these sweet little moral packed song for the kids but also did some alternative albums for us adults that knows she  has so much more depth. Her songs tend to be public service announcements and I can’t help but feel like they’re, although wonderfully song, GENERIC. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t get enough of her, but I want MORE, not just more, get it?

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