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April 27, 2011

Camo Vento Trousers; Fine Line Between Love and Hate

by Accidental Bear

We are sitting at the top of the roller coaster with anticipation of what’s to come next. In this case, we know what’s coming, pleated trousers! It’s not a matter of just heading out to H&M and buying some new cheap pleaded pants. Take a look at picture below, you need to take into consideration, pant length, shirt length, sox and shoes. There is so much potential for FASHION GONE WRONG HERE. Maybe this should be left up to the professionals.

Is everyone ready for pleated trousers? Because they’re not going anywhere. We’ve heard the warning horns about them for eons, but despite that (or because of them) designers keep working on versions that look good. These ones are by Camo and they have us reconsidering our aversion to the high waisted trouser. We have Simon Cowell to thank for our reticence on that issue. (ASOS)

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