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April 15, 2011

Witty and Powerful Way of Objecting to Prejudice”; A Kiss-in

by Accidental Bear

Bring your Suzie chap stick or watermelon lip gloss and breath freshener, ’cause it’s going to be a good old fashion kiss-in, with a modern twist of same sex kissers. Shame on you London, I thought you were better than that.


Kiss-In Planned to Protest London Pub

By Editors

JohnSnowPubx390 (UCLA) |

Gay rights activists in London plan to hold a kiss-in for at least three hours on Friday to protest the Soho pub that ejected two men for kissing.

According to the London Evening Standard, the demonstration at the John Snow pub has the support of gay Tory MP Alan Duncan, who called the event a “witty and powerful way of objecting to prejudice.”

Jonathan Williams and James Bull, who were on their first date, said they were asked to leave the pub, owned by the Samuel Smith Old Brewery on Broadwick Street in the gay-friendly neighborhood, on Wednesday after the landlady called them “obscene” for kissing on the mouth. A man in the pub had complained about them.

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