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March 7, 2011

George Michael Owns being a HOT MESS

by Accidental Bear

Ok, I have been around the block a few times a know that it takes more than a joint to  black out while you’re driving and end up slumped over steering wheel crashed into a store front. Either that was some wack shit George smoked or he was on something much stronger and “they” are calling it cannabis.


George Michael says he was the ‘poster boy for cannabis’ and deserved to be jailed

George Michael was jailed for two months

Gay pop star George Michael has told the BBC that he deserved to be jailed for crashing his Range Rover through the door of a shop while under the influence of cannabis.

Michael was jailed for eight weeks and fined after the incident at Snappy Snaps in North London.

Michael told the Chris Evans show in an interview to be broadcast tomorrow that he is “ashamed” of the incident and is having treatment to stop his use of drugs which he says has earned him the status of “the poster boy for cannabis”.



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