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August 9, 2011

Project Runway All Stars Line-up, Minus Heidi Klum & Seal’s Big Penis References

by Accidental Bear

Today’s news feed has been unusually bloody, negative and infuriating. To lighten it up a tad I will either cover you with rainbow sprinkles or play a game we gays like, Lets talk Project Runway!! The All-star line-up has spilled over into my Facebook feed and it is my civil duty to pass it on, to you, the little people. Here is a rundown of who will be participating in this fashion extravaganza. One huge FYI, this all-star season will have NO Heidi Klum or Seal’s big penis references.  Isaac Mizrahi will be one of the judges, Ick. AB

The contestants are:

  • Austin Scarlett, the elaborately coiffed dandy who, during Season One, made an evening gown out of cornhusks.
  • Kara Janx, from Season Two, known for her signature color-blocked wrap dress.
  • Elisa Jimenez from Season Three, who marked her clothes with spit.
  • Rami Kashou, from Season Four, the master of draping who lost to Christian Siriano.
  • Sweet P, the tattooed retro-inspired spitfire from Season Four.
  • Jerell Scott from Season Five, a huge fan of bling.
  • Kenley Collins, the controversial alleged cat-thrower from Season Five, known for her vintage-y dresses.
  • Gordana Gehlhausen of Season Six, whom you may remember as being very very nice.
  • Anthony Williams from Season Seven, known for being hilarious and for using boid colors.
  • Mila Hermanovski, the one from Season Seven who liked everything to be in black and white.
  • April Johnston from Season Eight, the second-youngest contestant ever on the show.
  • Michael Costello from Season Eight, the one who everyone was mean to.
  • And last, but not least: Mondo Guerra, who tapdanced his way into our hearts with crazy mismatched patterns, bright colors and winning spirit.

As a reminder: Heidi Klum won’t be on this show: The part of Heidi Klum will be played by supermodel Angela Lindvall. Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman will be the judges.

Project Runway All Stars [Lifetime]

April 3, 2011

I thought BRAVO Couldn’t Get Any Gayer, WRONG

by Accidental Bear

I was just about to turn off my cable, buy a bumper sticker that says ” Smash Your Television”, and learn how to read,   but now BRAVO has gone and done it. I have no shame about my love for reality TV ( don’t make me call you out about what’s in your closet, ’cause I will). BRAVO has always spit out my favorite shows and they have a new gay gay GAY line up, 11 new shows! What does gay x 11 = ?




Well, now we know whatAndy Cohen‘s been up to. Yesterday, Bravo announced it’s lineup with 11 new shows, includingIt’s a Brad Brad Worldfollowing the too-hot-for-words stylist and one-time Rachel Zoe assistant as he does, uh, Brad things, andInterior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, where theFlipping Outstar actually moves in with his clients. Some of the other notable new shows areMad Fashion(with Chris March from Project Runway),Most Eligible, a reality drama set in Texas, andReady to Wear, which explores the dangerous world of…a high-end NYC consignment store. Fire up those DVRs!

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