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May 7, 2011

Michael Stipe Reflects on AIDS Witch Hunt

by Accidental Bear

There are monsters under the bed and trolls under the bridge to worry about, but your real concern, the one that slaps you in the face may be AIDS; In your friends faces, in your community, your next door neighbor, on fliers and billboards. Michael Stipe talks about moving to New York  at 21 and getting his wake up call. AB


‘Holy shit. This is for real.’

By Editors


Michael Stipe recalls being frightened by AIDS as a young man and compares the early days of testing to a witch hunt, according to an article in Interview magazine.

Asked what he’s afraid of, the R.E.M. vocalist replies, “I’m afraid of everything. I’m not a naturally courageous person, but AIDS really brought it home. I mean, it was right when I was 21 years old and came to New York and saw the first billboard about AIDS. It was like, ‘Holy shit. This is for real.’ It was scary. It was right at the time when I was in a band. Suddenly there were all these people who were available to me — men and women — and I was really having fun. But then there came responsibility and feeling afraid and being afraid to get tested, because you couldn’t get tested anonymously. It was so fucked up.” READ MORE

March 17, 2011

Have I been living under a rock or in a K-hole? R.E.M. Videos I’ve Missed

by Accidental Bear

Have I been living under a rock or in a K-hole? How did I miss this amazing song and even better nutty video of R.E.M. I often give Micheal Stipe a hard time and talk about the time we rubbed elbows here in SF at Tranny Shack back in the 90’s and the way he smelled like a homeless guy. I promise not to mention that again. What’s important is his music and his pure, raw entertainment. I love the fact that Stipe does not use bells and whistles in his videos , he keeps it basic and yet BRILLIANT. So, STIPE be as stinky as you wanna be. Just keep filling my ipod with great catchy tunes.



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