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February 26, 2011

BK Broiler Bashing : Gay Couple Win Millions

by Accidental Bear

Another reason why eating at Burger King is bad for. Friends don’t let friends eat at Burger King!


Gay Union City couple wins $3.15 million jury award after being chased, beaten following dispute inside Burger King



A Hudson County jury has awarded  agay Union City couple $3.15 million after the couple were chased and beaten following a dispute over their order at a Union City Burger King.

“Violence against anybody, including gay people, cannot be condoned. The jury spoke to this issue,” Nutley attorney James F. Fine of the compensatory and punitive award awarded to Peter Casbar, 43, and Noel Robichaux, 46.

“Honestly, my clients were unable to speak. It was a very emotional moment for them,” said Fine who handled the “gay bashing” suit with River Edge Attorney Joseph R. Donahue.

Casbar and Robichaux testified emotionally during the civil trial that began Feb. 7, saying the dispute with the person taking their order in the 2007 incident escalated and other Burger King workers became involved after they had already left the restaurant.

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