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January 17, 2011

Today I pull from my Tarot Card Deck; Gay Fashion Card

by Accidental Bear

Sometimes I sparkle and sometime I am plain ole’ matte finish photo paper.

Roberto Cavalli makes me want to SPARKLE

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2011 | Milan Fashion Week

“No stranger to exorbitant details, Roberto Cavalli finds the soul of his latest collection in a rich new outing that boasts a hint of the glamorous 70′s. Finding room for the three-piece suit, while accessorizing with neckties and tribal accents, Cavalli brings in his over the top finesse with dynamic outerwear. From shearling and fur to the occasional knit, fall’s collection takes from the past and charges into the immediate future with a charming nostalgia and style that easily conforms to the signature allure of the Cavalli man.” written by carl on saturday, january 15th, 2011 from

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