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June 28, 2011

If You’re Arrested This Weekend, Do It Whitey Bulger’s Way

by Accidental Bear

The next time you get thrown in the slammer forget your grandmothers useless advice about wearing clean underwear. When busted for whatever illegal activity of your choice you hope to look as good as Whitey Bulger in this classic, actual mug shot from 1953. Fashionably un-aware  Bulger gets him a spread in Esquire Magazine  in 2011.


If the New York Times wanted to avoid burnishing the legend of Whitey Bulger, who was wanted for 19 counts of murder until the FBI arrested him on Wednesday, they picked the wrong front-page photograph: a mug shot from 1953 that may be the most stylish diptych in the history of criminality. Bulger is 23-years-old. He’s wearing a collared shirt and a wide-checked zip-up flannel coat. In profile, he looks just like James Dean. The crazy thing is the shot was taken when James Dean was still a nobody, working in TV. On the right, staring straight at the Boston Police cameraman, he’s inexplicably wearing an outsize fedora. As a whole, the mug shot is a strange amalgam of Jim Stark and Roger Sterling. He’s the rebel with a cause, the real tough from whom the Hollywood toughs were ripping off their style.

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