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February 3, 2011

Beard Band Watch; Run on Sentence

by Accidental Bear

Dustin Hamman of Run On Sentence.  You the Darkness and Me is out now on Hush Records!

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Me( Dustin): I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and was wowed at an early age by the songwriting of Simon Joyner. I started writing my own songs a few years later and finally, after several more years of trying to write and sound like a variety of people I thought were awesome, I realized that was not the point. That’s when I started Run On Sentence in Portland Oregon. I tour extensively with and without the band and I really enjoy it. I’ve spent about 14 months on the road since 2007 and would like to continue touring, both in North America and abroad.

The Band: Early on, there were three of us but, as was the point of the name, there grew to be what is now a rotating cast of talented folks and currently Run On Sentence could be anywhere from 1-12 people, although it is usually (and ideally) 5-8.
We put out our first album Oh When the Wind Comes Down with Hush Records in the Fall of 2008 and have received a lot of positive response both in sales and reviews. Just before it came out we did a Daytrotter session and, earlier this year, the song “Stonewall” was chosen as NPR’s Song of the Day.

may flowers grow in your footsteps,

-dustin hamman

email: dadonkey[at]

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