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February 19, 2011

What Would You Do with $17 million?

by Accidental Bear

What would i do with$17 million? A boob job, brazilian ass lift, nose job… wait a minute  ( car screeching to a halt) I’m not a tranny! So, I would get calf implants, life time supply of steroids, lazor hair removal and a spray on tan ….wait another minute (car screeching to a halt) I’m not a professional Bodybuilder!

Ok, honestly though. I do love to spend a pretty penny  on art work and admire and have been inspired in my life by Andy Warhol ( In early 1990s covered everything in my house with tin foil to look like the Factory. True Story). 17 million is outrageous. Think of the good you could do. But I will never have to struggle with this decision. Because I am  much closer to  $0.17, than $17 M. What a burden that would be.


Warhol Self-Portrait Goes for $17M

By Editors


An anonymous bidder has shelled out 10.8 million pounds, or $17 million, for a 1967 self-portrait of gay pop artist Andy Warhol.

The red-and-white silk-screen ink-on-canvas shows Warhol with his hand over his mouth. The self-portrait, one of only 11, was purchased Wednesday, according to auction house Christie’s, and was previously held by a personal collector for the past 37 years.

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January 8, 2011

Style-Daddy T-shirts. For Now Wrap them Around Your Head to Stay Warm

by Accidental Bear

I know we are not really thinking t-shirts right now because of how furrrreeezing its been here in San Francisco, but think ahead to the summer gun show you’ve been preparing for at the gym these short winter days. Style-Daddy has fun original designs so stock up now. In the meantime just wrap around your head and neck as scarves to keep in warm and then come spring-summer you’ll be ahead of the game.
Description: Los Garmentos at is your online shop for original handscreened Tee shirts, hoodies, caps and other custom silkscreened clothing from our labels RockDaddy Trademark and Tío.”

Contact for appointments and check our events.

General Information: Purveyor of men’s t-shirts and accessories. Original Silkscreen designs.
Where to find Style-daddy Designs

San Francisco, CA, 94110

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