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March 30, 2011

Seize sur Vingt; Bright, Snappy looks for Spring/Summer 2011

by Accidental Bear

Have you ever been to a hot, summer wedding and sweated your balls off? I say never again. Seize sur Vingt offers a warm weather alternative. Look snappy and survive that pain staking, long wedding service this summer in one of these snappy, warm weather possibilities. Your boys will thank you for being able to breath. The awesome mustached model won the suit over on me. Kissable.


Seize sur Vingt Spring/Summer 2011

Via Selectism

selectism - Seize sur Vingt Spring/Summer 2011

Famed for custom shirts and suits, Seize sur Vingt offers bright, snappy looks for Spring/Summer 2011. The lookbook also features garments from the brand’s “rowdy” little brother, Troglodyte Homunculus – a name bested only by the superb mustache on the model.

Given Seize sur Vingt’s custom heritage, the looks shown here are mere suggestions of a range of warm weather possibility.