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June 24, 2011

Facts about Sex from A Heterosexual Point of View| Appealing Chart, I like Pictures

by Accidental Bear


Here it is, all laid out on the line for you with easy to read pictures; dirty talk, dirty sanchez, sex myths and armpit sex!

March 18, 2011

Man Exchanges Tattoo for Sex With 15-Year-Old: Cops

by Accidental Bear

I mean, If i were to pay for a new tattoo with sex that would be fine. I am so not above it. But WTF, hasn’t he ever seen To catch A Predator? No sympathy for the bastard. He should be forced to have sex with an 80 yr old women as punishment. This may be the sentence for chester molesters of minors!


Bristol Township Police arrested a 34-year-old Falls Township man after he allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old girl many times, promising the young teen a tattoo in exchange.

Walter Meyerle, of the 900 block of E Penn Valley Road in Morrisville, Pa., was arrested on charges of felony involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, aggravated indecent assault, statutory sexual assault, corruption of minors and other charges.

But Meyerle strongly maintains his innocence.

“There are a lot of serious charges and it’s pretty serious but there’s nothing to back it up,” Meyerle told NBC Philadelphia after his arraignment. “We’ll see who’s guilty.”


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February 21, 2011

Grandma, What have you done for me lately? Ohhhh

by Accidental Bear

Who is the least likely person YOU THINK you would bump into at a spa known to give ” happy endings” , GRANDMA! Horned up for days, a pocket full of money burning a hole in your pocket, no responses to your Craiglslist sex ads so, you think.. hmmmmm I’ll go get one of those “specialty” massages. Face down on table , you are ready for an hour of of pleasure ( but really only focussed on those few minutes at the finale). The massage starts, you feel what seems to be breast brushing gently over our back. But as it turns out , what’s brushing you across your back ( no not a peacock feather) was GRANDMAS LOOSE SKIN DANGLING FROM UNDER HER CHIN! OHHH, Grandma, we’ll keep this a secret, thanks for happy ending though.



Prostitution sting nets 70-year-old woman

CHARLOTTE COUNTY – Authorities arrested four women, including a 70-year-old, on prostitution charges following a raid at a Port Charlotte spa yesterday.

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Elaine F. Pyzikiewicz , 70, faces prostitution charges following a raid at a Port Charlotte spa Thursday.
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Mya Davis
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Collette Marie Bailey
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Ann Marie McPeak
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Acting on a tip, undercover sheriff’s detectives began surveillance at Mandala Health Spa, 675 Tamiami Trail, and determined the women had received compensation for sexual acts within the business on numerous occasions, according to an arrest report.

Yesterday evening the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant and raided the business.

Arrested were Ann Marie McPeak, 37, of Port Charlotte; Mya Angelica Davis, 28, of Englewood; Collette Marie Bailey, 22, of Port Charlotte and Elaine F. Pyzikiewicz, 70, of Port Charlotte.

Investigators say McPeak is the operator of the business where a client pays a door fee to enter, the Sheriff’s Office reported. Pyzikiewicz has worked at the spa for four months and has the state massage license in her name.

Bailey, Davis and Pyzikiewicz were all charged with remaining in a place for the purpose of prostitution, while McPeak was charged with deriving support from prostitution. Davis was additionally charged with two counts possession of Xanax and Diazapam.

All four women were taken to the Charlotte County Jail, where they later posted bail.


January 7, 2011

Gay Porn Reality Show? Isn’t that Just Live Web Cams and Already Played Out?

by Accidental Bear

Gay Porn Reality Show Is Definitely Not A-List: Los Angeles. But It Might As Well Be

Finally a reality show I’ll have no trouble NOT watching.

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