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May 29, 2011

Courtney Love has said she Believes Lady Gaga Could End up as a ‘lonely drag queen’

by Accidental Bear

If it came down to a street brawl between Ms Love and Gaga, I think it would be a pretty fair match. Love would most likely fight dirty and Gaga would probably try to drowned Love with magic pixie dust. I would put money down that Love would be standing at the end though. ~ AB

Both women have caused their fair share of controversy over the years, with neither famed for being shy and retiring, and Courtney acknowledged there are similarities between the pair.

However, she admitted in an interview with The Fix she was worried about how Lady Gaga will cope in the future.
‘She’s very young, and she’s very talented, but she doesn’t seem to have any female friends. Or any straight guy friends for that matter, ‘the former Hole singer said.
‘Instead, she surrounds herself with this coterie of gay stylists and advisers who’ve turned her into this weird, sexless Barbie doll.’

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