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April 18, 2011

Your Sexual Identity is Screwing up the Census √

by Accidental Bear
Kinsey interviewing a woman.

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OMG, alert the troops there are some unidentified gays out there! The days of checking either male or female boxes on applications are over and quite frankly over simplified. I mean some days I wake up, with morning wood and feel all testosterone filled, all male. Other days I wake up, feeling overly sensitive scarf down my parfait from Starbucks while sipping on my decaf soy late and feel, all female. So, I guess it all depends on the day what box you claim as yours. Or we could just go the old fashion science route in determining our correct box √


Reliable Tally of Gay Population Proves Elusive


How many gay, lesbian and bisexual people are there in the U.S.?

Until recently, little data existed to accurately answer that question, giving extended life to the claim attributed to Alfred Kinsey‘s work more than six decades ago that one in 10 adults is gay or bisexual. But that estimate has long been questioned by researchers for, among other things, being based heavily on interviews with prison inmates.

In recent years more surveys have included questions about sexual behavior and identity, giving researchers a better shot at making an estimate. They also have learned how difficult it can be to define homosexuality, and to determine to what extent survey answers are affected by the way the questions are asked. READ MORE

March 8, 2011

Safe Schools Act NOW!

by Accidental Bear


Having a public school teacher for a partner drives the point home that OUR schools need to be safe for the students and the teachers. No, more bullying, no more school shooting. I shouldn’t have to worry the same way partners of men and women off at war do. Are we at war in a our public schools?


Sens. Submit Safe Schools Act

Legislation to address bullying and harassment of LGBT students was reintroduced in the U.S. Senate Tuesday with bipartisan support.

By Editors


The Safe Schools Improvement Act, aimed at addressing bullying and harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity, was reintroduced in the U.S. Senate Tuesday.

Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat, and Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican, are lead sponsors of the bill, marking the first time legislation on the issue has been introduced with bipartisan support, notes the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. Casey sponsored the legislation in the previous session of Congress, but it failed to get out of committee. Within a few weeks, Rep. Linda Sanchez of California is expected to introduce a companion bill in the House, as she did in the previous session.

The act would require schools and districts receiving federal funds to adopt codes of conduct specifically prohibiting bullying and harassment, including on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. It would also require schools to report data on bullying and harassment to the Department of Education, and the department to report this to Congress.

Casey released a statement saying the act will “help ensure that every child receives a quality education that builds self-confidence. This bill is a crucial step towards ensuring that no child is so afraid to go to school that he or she stays home for fear of bullying.”

Read more here.


January 5, 2011

Beefyblimps is Pleased to be Participating in the Show Eye Am A Man

by Accidental Bear

Beefyblimps is pleased to be participating in the show Eye Am A Man curated by Ivan Valez Jr. of Planet Bronx Productions.

EYE AM A MAN features the visions of various queer artists as they explore the connection of masculinity and sexual orientation as filtered through their own interpretations of their particular ethnic and gender identities.

Participating Artists Include:

Steve MacIssac

Keichang (Kei Otani)

David Goldenberg

Louis Kwong

and more..

Opening night
Saturday January 15, 2011
5 – 7 pm
Longwood Art Gallery
at Hostos Community College
450 Grand Concourse, Bronx NY

2, 4, 5 trains to 149th street Grand Concourse

FB Event Link

Exhibition runs through March 3

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