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June 7, 2011

Best Twitter Question to Accidental Bear EVER

by Accidental Bear

May 26, 2011

Sit-Lie Ordinance Useless, Says SF Police; I Don’t Like Looking at Ugly Things, Says Accidental Bear

by Accidental Bear

As much as I don’t like having to step over people sitting or lying on the sidewalk while being hit on for my spare change, the sit-lie ordinance isn’t making a damn difference, says SF Police. This is just a band-aid on the bloody wound. Like when it is tourist season and the SF politicians sweep the streets of the homeless. The fundamental problem is, homeless defined means no home, they have no where else to go. In order to make this sit-lie ordinance work, we need to fix the homeless problem. On a side note neighborhoods lack outdoor seating and benches for use when Sir Sun decided to make an appearance. Sit-lie is slammed by homeless advocates who see the ordinance as “a loss of civil liberties and an attack on all homeless people.~AB


CBS 5 reports:
After months of training, officers began enforcing the law in March, but at a bimonthly CompStat meeting involving some of the Police Department’s top brass Wednesday, police Lt. Belinda Kerr from the Park Station acknowledged that the law has not done much to change behavior in the area.
There has been “a prolific amount of arrests, citations and warnings … but I haven’t seen that it’s done a whole lot,” Kerr said.
She said the transients will often get up when they see officers drive by in their patrol cars, but “unfortunately are getting up and going around the block and then sitting down again.”

May 25, 2011

PSA: Speeding Kills Bears; SF, CA Castro District

by Accidental Bear

New sign spotted in San Francisco CA, Castro district. I have a feeling there is a message to read between the lines here about the use of the drug speed that runs rampant in our community; no scene left untouch, even Bears

May 22, 2011

Trevor Project’s Call Center is Officially Open; Ribbon Cut SF CA (photo collage)

by Accidental Bear

Harvey Milk watching from up stairs window, proud. (painting)

Today goes down in the history books and most appropriately on Harvey Milk’s 81st Birthday, the Trevor Project’s call center is officially open. About 1 hour ago phone lines officially opened in Harvey Milk’s Camera Shop and Former Campaign Headquarters. It is a glorious day. The ribbon was cut at the door step of the new call center by Mark Leno, Cleve Jones, Anne Kronenberg, Danny Nicoletta, Frank Robinson, Dustin Lance Black, Armistead Maupin, Christopher Turner and Stuart Milk and many more note worthy came out for the cause. The hot-line provides crisis and suicide prevention counseling to LGBT and questioning youth 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and this marks a historic moment because now those calls can be answered in the same place where Harvey took these kinds of calls.

After the ribbon was cut and history was made, politicians, reporters, volunteers and supporters all sang Happy Birthday to Harvey, which echoed down Castro Street. Harvey would have loved it!

Trevor Project will use the space rent-free since HRC paid for the build out and has agreed to donate $10,000 annually to the nonprofit during the duration of its five-year lease.


Call center staff

May 19, 2011

‘Encampment’ brings attention to homeless LGBT youth/ Castro SF CA

by Accidental Bear

This tickles my heart string for personal reasons. One day we’ll sit down with a box of tissue, take out Chinese food and chocolate in 10 different forms. We all get bombarded with homeless people daily and most likely we walk over top of them as we would any other stray object on the sidewalk. SF is famous destination spot for homeless gay runaways all hoping to land in a glamorous new life or in the hands of a sugar daddy. Unfortunately it most likely doesn’t end up as “glamorous” as it all sounds. Homeless youth gather in a sort of Take Back the Night type of rally. ~AB

Castro nightclub patrons were startled last Saturday night when several dozen homeless youth and their allies established a temporary encampment around the stairs at Harvey Milk Plaza, part of a day of actions meant to bring attention to budget cuts for groups that provide housing to at-risk LGBT youth.

The May 14 encampment was part of a nationwide demonstration to raise awareness of homelessness among a demographic known as transition-age youth. Homeless and foster youth between 16 and 24 years old can face unique housing challenges, particularly as they age out of the foster care system and learn to navigate services for adults.

“We’re here to engage the community on homelessness, and specifically queer homeless youth issues,” said organizer Beck, who uses only one name. “We’re in kind of a state of emergency, saying, ‘hey community, wake up.'”

Saturday’s action started at Civic Center with games, an unveiling of protest banners, and hot meals served by Food Not Bombs. A march proceeded to Harvey Milk Plaza, where speakers read poetry and called for improved access to services to get off the street.

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May 18, 2011

Keep Your Votes off My Turtle Neck; Circumcision Ban Heading to S.F. Voters

by Accidental Bear

Stay out of my uterus and definitely leave my sleeping bag alone (foreskin). I really cannot believe this is even on the ballot. How could anyone have a seriously consider “male genital mutilation”? What’s more absurd, is the idea that someone outside of the family will make the decision for you. What thee hell is wrong with these people. it is so confusing to me that our universe can produce people like lady Gaga and Lloyd Schofield who is leading the effort to criminalize circumcision. Really, we should test their DNA to make sure they are human, both of them. ~AB


By Editors

A November ballot initiative will ask San Francisco voters if they want to ban circumcision procedures in their city.

The effort to criminalize circumcision is being led by gay San Franciscan Lloyd Schofield, who believes the procedure is barbaric and dangerous, referring to it as “male genital mutilation.” Schofield gathered the necessary signatures needed to place it on San Francisco’s ballot for the November 8 municipal election, CNN reports. Should San Francisco approve the ban, anyone found performing the procedure could go to jail and face a fine — there would be no religious exemptions.

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May 16, 2011

Eric Himan @ El Rio Tonight w/ Namoli Brennet 5/16 SF CA 8PM

by Accidental Bear

San Francisco, CA El Rio

Time: 8:00pm. Admission: $5. Age restrictions: No Minors.
Address: 3158 Mission Street San Francisco, CA, 94110.

“Though the rest is still “UNKNOWN”, I intend for “SUPPOSED” to take me to great places I haven’t been before.”-Eric Himan

May 14, 2011

TONIGHT! Red Meat – A Party for Gay Redheads and the Men Who Love Them

by Accidental Bear

A place where vegetarians and vegans can eat all the red meat they want!

May 13, 2011

SF Teachers & Students Rally Against a “state of emergency”

by Accidental Bear

Students, teachers, parents, unions and supporters gathered at City Hall in San Francisco this evening to make it clear that any more budget cuts toward education are not OK. At the forefront of their demands, demonstrators hope that state lawmakers will consider extending a sales tax increase, vehicle licensing fees, and other revenue generators set to expire June 30 that provide billions of dollars to schools each year, an event spokeswoman said ( Alameda Education Association president Patricia Sanders said, “The potential budget cuts are just insane,” Sanders said. “We’re possibly looking at cutting 20 days off a child’s school year, down from 180 days to 160 days.” Rallies were to take place today in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Bernardino under what is being called “state of emergency” declared by the California Teachers Association. by Mike Enders

Photo credit: Mike Enders

April 18, 2011

Scott Wiener (one of our own), Set to Fix the Metropolitan Transportation Commission

by Accidental Bear

Scott, the only thing I ask of you is to have 24/7 “Crazy Patrol” on all trains. How many times have you had to politely ignore crazy-aggressive-loud-rants or share a seat with a belligerent drunk homeless person? Muni may push you to your tolerance level. I am surprised more people don’t lose it on busy afterwork commutes and brawl.


Supervisors Scott Wiener and David Campos Set to Serve on MTC

Wiener says funding for Muni will be a priority

Source: The Bay Citizen

Scott Wiener mtc

Dennis Hearne Photography, courtesy SF Streetsblog Scott Wiener

For the last 16 years, Jon Rubin has served as the Mayor’s appointee on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Bay Area’s regional transportation planning and funding body, originally appointed by Frank Jordan in 1995. Last week, Rubin was forced to resign and turn over the seat to Supervisor Scott Wiener, whose four-year term begins May 1.

While it’s true the Mayor was looking to strike a compromise because the Board of Supervisors was deadlocked over its appointment between Wiener and Supervisor David Campos, as reported by the Chronicle, sources told Streetsblog that a behind-the-scenes effort has been underway for some time to get Rubin replaced. Some advocates and City Hall insiders who didn’t want to be identified said they were disappointed with Rubin’s record on the commission, and felt he hasn’t been aggressive enough on San Francisco’s behalf.

Source: The Bay Citizen (

Source: The Bay Citizen (

February 21, 2011

Avenue Q; Full-frontal puppet nudity

by Accidental Bear


THEATER: Expect to see “full-frontal puppet nudity” at Avenue Q, the hit Broadway musical about real life in New York City, as told by a cast of people and puppets through a hilariously irreverent and risque Tony-winning book and score.

7 p.m. // The Orpheum Theatre (1192 Market Street) // $30-100


February 12, 2011

Tweaker Tells “Al Gore” to Stop Staring at Her Sexual Organs (VIDEO)

by Accidental Bear


“Lady”(thing) Accuses Muni Passenger(nerd) Of Being Al Gore, Staring At Her Private(skanky) Parts

December 4, 2010

Get Your Santa On : Alert in SF

by Accidental Bear

Ho Ho HO, Yeah Im talking to you!

Each year I forget about Santarchy, until I find myself right in the middle of a heard of Santas. First off, I have to remind myself that Im not having an acid-flashback, because it’s down right bizarre! I witness Lady Santas with massive cleavage, half naked Santas ( ala San Francisco), Drunk off your ass Santas and there is always a few OBNBOXIOUS LOUD Santas that plow through the  streets of SF’s finest neighborhoods. “Can I hold your beard to the side as you puke, Santa?”

Fun is had by all. I dare you not to smile! Mrs Santa , Santa will be home later and wanting some, know what Im saying! Warm up some egg nog, change your panties…… HO HO HO


SantaCon 2010

Lowdown for the HOdown!

December 2, 2010

Santa kicks off at 12:30pm Saturday 12/4 at SF Civic Center. See below for full schedule and options from the East, North, and South.  But FIRST check out this mini-survival guide…

While SOME naughty is nice, don’t be an asshole!

  • No vandalism, violence, theft or other criminal behavior…Santa is about spreading joy, not needing bail.
  • Santa’s Little Douchebag Contingent is not welcome at our reindeer games
  • Santas look out for each other…naughty of the NOT nice variety is not tolerated!

Be NICE to kids!

Be AWESOME to bar staff!

  • Pay with cash… it gets chaotic when Santa comes to town
  • Tip well…Santa wants to be welcome in years to come
  • Bring ID…Santa is of legal drinking age

Be SAFE and prepared!

  • Don’t BE that Santa…don’t get SO jolly that you need babysitting
  • Buddy up…we’re still in a city
  • Dress for the occasion and weather…costume + comfy shoes + layers + umbrella = Happy Santa. No whining!
  • Expect to walk…a lot (see above re: comfy shoes)
  • Take public transportation…Muni and BART are your friend
  • Sing…SF Santacon has its own Songbook that includes classic, kid-friendly carols AND your raunchy favorites (download and print the pdfor word doc. Prints on only 3 pieces of paper (double-sided)!
  • YOU hold the reins to Santa’s sleighride! Create your own itinerary from the map and the Santa-primed bars listed below
  • If it’s too crowded and SANTA NEEDS A DRINK, move along.Follow and tweet back to report action at these and other Santa-friendly bars you may find (@sfsanta and #sfsanta)
  • Leave no trace…put trash/recycle into cans—clean up after your reindeer!

Suggested starting points from the East, North and South:

  • East Bay…10am Heinolds First and Last Chance (Jack London Sq, Oakland) 11:30am Ferry ($6.25), arrive 12pm Ferry Bldg, BART/Muni to Civic Ctr
  • North Bay…10am No Name Bar (757 Bridgeway, Sausalito) 11:20amFerry ($8.25), arrive 12pm Ferry Bldg, BART/Muni to Civic Ctr
  • South Bay…9am Cinebar (69 E San Fernando, San Jose) 10amCaltrain #427, arrive 11:36am 4th/King, Muni K/T to Civic Ctr


Triple Crown – 1760 Market St (Octavia)  *noon til 8pm (see FB invite for lineup)

Ha-Ra Club – 875 Geary (Larkin/Hyde)
Ace’s – 998 Sutter (Hyde/Leavenworth)
Blur – 1121 Polk (Post/Hemlock)
Lefty O’Doul’s – 333 Geary (Mason/Powell)


Pilsner Inn 225 Church (15th-Market)
Lucky 132140 Market (15th-Church)
Lookout – 3600 16th (Castro-Market)
Cafe Flore – 2298 Market (Noe)

Nickie’s – 466 Haight (Fillmore/Webster)
Molotov’s – 582 Haight (Fillmore/Steiner)
Danny Coyle’s – 668 Haight (Pierce/Steiner)
Noc Noc – 557 Haight (Fillmore/Steiner)

Li-Po – 916 Grant (Washington/Jackson)
Buddha Lounge – 901 Grant (Washington/Jackson)
Vesuvio – 255 Columbus (Broadway/Jack Kerouac)
Maggie McGarry’s – 1353 Grant (Green/Vallejo)
Savoy Tivoli – 1434 Grant (Green/Union)
O’Reilly’s – 622 Green (Powell/Columbus)
Rogue Ales – 673 Union (Powell/Stockton)
North Star Cafe – 1560 Powell (Powell/Green)
Lusty Lady – 1033 Kearny (Bway/Pacific)

Triple Crown continues


Moby Dick – 4049 18th (Noe/Castro)
The Mix – 4086 18th (Noe/Castro)
Twin Peaks – 401 Castro (17/18th)
Harvey’s – 500 Castro (18/19th)
Badlands – 4121 18th (Castro/Collingwood)

Club Deluxe – 1511 Haight (Ashbury/Clayton)
Gold Cane – 1569 Haight (Ashbury/Clayton)
Hobson’s Choice – 1601 Haight (Belvedere/Clayton)
Aub Zam Zam – 1633 Haight (Belvedere/Clayton)
Murio’s Trophy Room – 1811 Haight (Shrader/Stanyan)

Hooters – 353 Jefferson (Jones/Leavenworth)
Buena Vista Café – 2765 Hyde (Beach)

Triple Crown continues


  • Space Gallery – 1141 Polk (Sutter/Post) 8pm-midnight – Sugarplum Elves’ Holiday Elftacular & Calendar Release Party!
  • Triple Crown continues til 8pm
  • DNA Lounge (New Wave City) – 375 11th (Folsom/ Harrison ) 9pm-3am (costumed Santa gets in free until 10pm, $7 after 10pm)
  • Retox Lounge (Duckpond’s MIGRATION) – 628 20th Str (3rd St) No cover…goes till 2am.

Lowdown for the HOdown!


December 2, 2010

Nudists find opposition in an unlikely place: The Castro

by Accidental Bear

I see these guys all over Castro and after living in SF for so long, I don’t blink an eye. Shriveled up old man penis and overly tan skinned ( no lines of course) is a common site in the Castro district. One health concern though. I see “them” sitting bare-ass on pubic chairs and seats. Is that hygienic?  I mean get a mental picture and think about it next time you set your cell phone on a public chair or seat. This also applies to assless chaps ; bare-ass in full contact of seats.


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