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September 1, 2011

NY Law lets Sikh Staffers Wear Turban & Grow Beard

by Accidental Bear
The only problem I see with this, is the men’s bathroom will be crowded with conversation of beard conditioning tips and how to wax the perfect mustache. You may also get a storm of beard fetishist following these bearded, turban wearing Sikhs around the office. Mike Enders
New York to ensure religious freedom for Sikh employees
NEW YORK: Sikhs in the US will be allowed to wear turbans and grow beards in federal agencies like the police department and transit authority after New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday signed into law a bill that will ensure freedom for employees to practice religious beliefs at workplace.  The ‘Workplace Religious Freedom’ bill was initiated by civil rights group Sikh Coalition and sponsored by Queens democrat council member Mark Weprin.  In signing the law, Bloomberg said employers must make a “reasonable accommodation” for an employee’s religious practices unless following such practices creates an “undue hardship” .  MORE
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