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July 15, 2011

What’s Super Tall, Lanky and Gifted? Thurston Moore In Concert

by Accidental Bear

Thurston Moore performs live at the 11th Annual NON-COMMvention in May.

The iconoclastic Thurston Moore has captivated audiences worldwide for nearly 30 years as a singer and guitarist for the pioneering noise-rock band Sonic Youth — and, more recently, as a solo artist. In this performance, Moore turns down the volume for an acoustic set of songs from his introspective new album, Demolished Thoughts. Moore is joined onstage by violinist Samara Lubelski, harpist Mary Lattimore, drummer John Malone and guitarist Keith Wood of Hush Arbors.

Recorded live at The Queen in Wilmington, Del., Moore performs here as part of the 11th annual NON-COMMvention on May 19.

Listen on NPR

March 22, 2011

Sonic Youth & Vans Auction Rarities

by Accidental Bear

Vans and Sonic Youth pretty wraps up all my high school years. Making it out alive was a triumph. Who knew that 20 years later I’d still be wearing Vans and listening to Sonic Youth! I’m convinced my gay genes and laying off the booze have kept me young both body and spirit. Rock out with you C**k out!


Sonic Youth’s Rare Posters & Custom Vans Auction for Japan

21 March 2011, 23.30 | Posted in DesignShoesNo comments »

Sonic Youth's Rare Posters & Custom Vans Auction for Japan

Sonic Youth is auctioning off a pair of rare custom VANS from 1992 as well as two even rarer concert posters to benefit Shelterbox who “provide humanitarian aid in the form of shelter, warmth and dignity to people displaced by natural and other disasters worldwide.”

Go bid on them all on EBAY now!


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