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March 15, 2011

Smart looks. Won’t you be my neighbor

by Accidental Bear

I see myself cruising into old age ( next month) and choosing “smarter” clothing. For me dressing up is tucking my t-shirt into my jeans. Maybe I will adopt some looks from Soulland Schmidt and start my new grown up life. I also think I could find similar looks at Thrift Town in the Mission. I would just have to get use to the smell of moth balls following me around.


via Selectism

Soulland Schmidt Cardigan

Selectism - soulland-schmidt-cardigan-01

We’re packed to the gills with timeless classics today, this time it’s something from Soulland. As we’ve often stated, we like the staples and all, but anyone saying that you should throw out anything in a pattern that isn’t stripes or checks should throw themselves from a bridge. No hyperbole. (C-Store)

Selectism - soulland-schmidt-cardigan-02

Selectism - soulland-schmidt-cardigan-03

Selectism - soulland-schmidt-cardigan-04

Selectism - soulland-schmidt-cardigan-05

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