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March 1, 2011

Please Don’t Touch the Seal Pups : SF CA

by Accidental Bear
Vibrissae near the nose and above the eyes of ...

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” Please


Touch me.”

via SFist

Adorable Animal Safety Announcement: Please Don’t Touch the Seal Pups

It’s harbor seal birthing season, which means local shores will be infested with adorable, plush-toy-like newborn pups. As much as you’d like to take them home and keep them in your bathtub forever and ever, the experts at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary would like you to please admire them from a distance. Even if a pup appears to be orphaned, that just means the mother is out finding food for her fragile offspring. And keep your dogs away too, have you ever seen a canine get ahold of a Beanie Baby?


February 12, 2011

Its All About the Shoes (and naked guy)

by Accidental Bear

Im going to rethink my storage boxes from childhood. My smurfs and monkey stuffed animals with velcro hands (the better to hug you with) can obviously, after seeing these photos go to better use. Coming soon, ME strutting down the sidewalk with smurfs braided into my pubes and stuffed monkeys tied to my feet for shoes!




Well-known personality in the New York gay sceneChase Hostler is captured by Thomas Synnamon for Rock Victorious‘ hand-made jewelry.

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