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July 2, 2011

Sustainable Memories by Resign| Furniture

by Accidental Bear

Mean, green, awesome machine. Growing up in Up State my family frequented Farmers Markets, Apple Orchards, and at the time lived a very new way of living, Green. Then, we were just hippies, but now it’s a movement even whispered from ear to ear in the White House. My design aesthetics have always been focussed around earth tones, wood, water and all of the 5 elements. “Resign, a creative network and lab out of Italy, creates a distinctive methodology to creativity and creation where it attempts to connect to all designers who believe in magic and the symbolic value of things.” It is if they were me, if I were more creative and could swing a hammer. Resign has managed to take reduce, re-recycle, re-use from bumper sticker status and make interesting, functional art.

Founded in 2007 by Andrea MagnaniGiovanni DelVecchio and Elisabetta Amatori the methodology is based on:

  • Channeling creativity into meaningful paths that can be easily shared
  • Creating a sense of identity and symbolic capital to their pieces and the network of relations
  • The necessity to revise the design methods looking forward towards sustainability

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