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August 27, 2011

WoofTease: 119 Days Until Christmas

by Accidental Bear


Rodeo BEAR

Greetings bears, cubs, chasers, daddies, chubs, grizzlies, and any other forest creatures we failed to mention. We are WoofTEASE. It all began with an idea, we thought the bear world was ready for something new as opposed to the classical bear designs and slogans. After the first shirt was made and people began to notice, we realized that we weren’t the only ones who were thirsty for a creative change.

iPaw CUBSAngry BEARSSteakBalls

Coffee BEARBears FuckingBE/ARBoxing Bears
OttertudeLove BEARBear Curious?Big Bear
Tons more HERE

June 3, 2011

UTGP 2011 Mickey Mouse by the World Contest » T-Shirts

by Accidental Bear

Let’s face it, we all want a Mickey Mouse t-shirt no matter what our age is (or internet age). A Mickey T-shirt so trumps those silly Mickey ears you get in the land of Disney.

Each year since 2005, publishes a line of Uniqlo t-shirt, Uniqlo T better known by the initials UT. To support the creation and discover new talents, this collection is the subject of a competition among worldwide graphic designers. Winners see their creations distributed around the world in the shops of the Japanese brands. This year, 5875designs have been proposed around the theme Mickey and Minnie and 15 lucky ones were selected. You can buy this collection both funny and attractive in every Uniqlo stores to 14.90€ without being accused of childishness.


April 20, 2011

Fil Melange T-Shirt’s Love my Body

by Accidental Bear

Fil Melange T-Shirt

Melange is the word I can never remember every time I go to buy new t-shirts. I approach the sales “girl” and test her store inventory knowledge, ” So, I want to get more of my favorite t-shirts. It’s like, um super thin, kind-of-almost-see-through and has a fancy name, like, um Mooo-lan-rouge? or Malalana? ” Sales “girl”, ” Oh, you mean melange.”  Me, ” Yeah, that’s it! ”


Selectism - fil-melange-t-shirt-01

T-shirts. You need them, you probably neglect them (in favour of that fancy ) so it’s time to stock up on them. Why not start with some of that sweet, organic stuff in the form of this Fil Melange t-shirt? And obviously stock up on that deodorant too, brown isn’t the most forgiving colour when it comes to  sweat pathches. (CHCM)

November 14, 2010

Hi-Bearnation T-Shirts are the bomb diggity!

by Accidental Bear

The puurrrrfect X-mas gift!  (FYI, I wear size L .. wink wink)

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