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February 26, 2011

Pic of Day

by Accidental Bear

Stay in and watch TV with friends today, ITS COLD OUT THERE!

February 3, 2011

TheProgramme; SF Local TV

by Accidental Bear


Stephen Leader and Guests
Directed By:
Stephen Leader
Written By:
Plot Outline:
Every week your host Stephen Leader takes you on personal adventures, visiting fabulous locations, meeting exciting people and showcasing their passions.
Every Tuesday@ 5pm LIVE!


Comcast Ch76
Light Information & Entertainment (L.I.E.)
The Programme is a live weekly Public Access TV show Tuesdays at 5:00pm on San Francisco’s cable Comcast 76.
January 21, 2011

Queers have BIGGER Peckers. Really?

by Accidental Bear

Hmmmm, interesting. It’s hard for me to tell, I haven’t had sex with that many straight men! Saying you’re straight for the sake of making you more desirabe doesn’t count. I can BUST ONE MYTH though. From my current profession its often I see the whole full monty. The idea that big hands and feet mean larger down south is NOT true! Me being the king of Peckers , many moons ago a friend of mine who was preggers asked me if she had a boy whether I thought she should have him circumcised or not.  She thought me, being a  HOMOSEXUAL ( Scream like it’s Pee Wees word of the day) had seen more penises than anyone else she knew. She was right , but I won’t tell you what I told her.

Are Gay Men Better Endowed?

By Editors


Gay men are better endowed than straight men, radio and TV journalist Faith Sallie told Gayle King on Friday’s installment of The Gayle King Show.

It’s one of many ways people can tell gay men from straight men, Salie says. The journalist appeared on the show to talk about gaydar, citing David France‘s 2007 article for New York magazine titled “The Science of Gaydar.”

Salie says research is turning up an increasing number of ways in which gay people are different from straight people. Finger length, hair patterns and finger prints are among the other ways in which gay people and straight people differ.

According to Salie, the differences between gay men and lesbians are also significant.

Listen here.