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February 21, 2011

Tennessee Middle School Bans Memoir About HIV/AIDS

by Accidental Bear

beep beep beep IGNORANCE ALERT


School Bans Memoir About HIV/AIDS


Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir is a pretty celebrated work in the history of books about the HIV/AIDS crisis. Written by Paul Monette, the book chronicles the life of Monette and his partner, Roger Horwitz, who died of AIDS in 1986. Praised at its release as personalizing “the epidemic’s appalling statistics with heartbreaking clarity,” the book was even a finalist for the 1988 National Book Critics Circle Award.

But if you’re a student at Cheatham Middle School in Tennessee and you want to read the book, you might be tough out of luck. That’s because Borrowed Timehas been removed from the school’s library system, after a parent complained about the book’s subject matter. It’s currently locked in a filing cabinet in the “school’s vault” (according to this news report from, and will eventually be removed from the school entirely.

What a message that sends: that books about the history of HIV/AIDS are vulgar and inappropriate for middle school students.


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